Easy Frozen Yogurt Dog Treats – Puppy Pops

Our Lyla is a chow hound always begging for a treat, our food, the cats food, any food of any kind she can get her jaws on. We spend a great deal of time, and money making sure she has the healthiest diet possible so we do not want her munching on just anything. Since Lyla is such a begger for treats I decided to make my own.

With summer on the horizon our pets get hot just like we do, Lyla even more so as she is always panting from the heat. Puppy pops (good for dogs of all ages) is the perfect solution to both her over heating issue and her desire for treats.

Easy Frozen Yogurt Dog Treats - Puppy Pops


Before I give up this tail wagging recipe, I want to make a couple of points that are vital to your dog’s health:

The first is that yogurt is wonderful for your dog. In fact your veterinarian will suggest yogurt if your dog suffers from constipation, upset tummy, and other ailments. However, please be sure that you do not feed your dog any yogurt with the sweetener known as xylitol! Please read this article for reference on the dangers of xylitol.

The second point I want to make is please be sure you are feeding your dog the most natural products at your disposal. Salt is fine in very small amounts but it is best to use an unsalted peanut butter, all natural or home made is the best.

We love our pets and the last thing we want to do is harm them when all we set out to do was something special for them. There are a lot of foods that are bad for your pets, and can even cause death such as grapes, onion, garlic, and the list goes on and on. Please be sure before you get overly creative with your puppy pops, because you sure can get creative with them, that you do a little research, or ask your vet if the items you want to put into puppy pops are healthy for your beloved fur baby.


The best part of making puppy pops? Ask any dog! It’s getting to lick the spoon! 
Easy Frozen Yogurt Dog Treats - Puppy Pops
Easy Frozen Yogurt Dog Treats - Puppy Pops

So how do you make these healthy, safe, yummy treats for your dog? It’s quite simple and no gourmet skills needed! 

What you will need:

1 1/2 Cup Plain or Vanilla Yogurt – none with xylitol
1/4 Cup Natural No Salt Peanut Butter
1/4 Cup Water
1/4 Cup Frozen Natural Peas
1/4 Cup Frozen Natural Carrots
A Blender

Get all ingredients measured out, melt peanut butter, put all ingredients into blender, blend, put into an ice mold or tray, and freeze!



Easy Frozen Yogurt Dog Treats - Puppy Pops
Easy Frozen Yogurt Dog Treats - Puppy Pops

You can adjust this recipe as you desire! If you want less carrot and more peanut butter feel free to do so however you may need to add more water otherwise the peanut butter could make the consistency too thick and clog your blender.

Puppy Pops do not take too long to freeze and can be served while still semi soft and creamy too!


Easy Frozen Yogurt Dog Treats - Puppy Pops

So … is it good? Well let’s see the proof! 


Easy Frozen Yogurt Dog Treats - Puppy Pops
Easy Frozen Yogurt Dog Treats - Puppy Pops
Easy Frozen Yogurt Dog Treats - Puppy Pops

You can add your dog’s favorites into the mix but keep in mind this list of items not to include. This list may not be complete so please be sure to do your own research!

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