Things I Have Learned From Cats

As an animal lover and someone who has had her fair share of cats, I have discovered there is a lot we can learn from them. Cats are multifaceted creatures with many moods, each which give us insight into things we should consider doing in our own lives. 

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1. Taking Care of Appearance: Take good care of yourself. Cats spend a great deal of time cleaning, preening, taking care of their teeth by biting things, and their nails (claws) by scratching things. Cats understand the role of good body maintenance in overall well being. 

2. Relaxing: Cats have it when it comes to being able to take short naps, cat naps, throughout the day and would never deny themselves that comfort. Cats know how and when to allow themselves a moment of indulgence in relaxation. We all could benefit from resting a bit more and worrying a lot less. 

3. Being Aware: Cats may seem lazy at times but they sure can rebound fast and recover if need be! Cats are super aware of their surroundings as a rule, and even if in the middle of a much deserved cat nap, can pounce to their feet ready to play, chase something, or have a good snack. 

4. Getting Sunlight: Cats love basking in the sunlight, and while we should always use sunscreen and be aware of the dangers of too much sun, the sun is also healthy for us too! Cats know this. Us humans tend to be too shielded from our much needed Vitamin D either hostage in an office, or spending too much time channel surfing on the sofa. Spend some time in the sunlight and feel rejuvenated. 

Things I Have Learned From Cats

5. Playing: Even when my eldest cat was failing in his health he always took a moment for play. Cats are such fun animals, they will chase a string, reach for the attack on a ribbon, or chase a ball with a bell in it. We should take their lead and have a little more fun. {
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Things I Have Learned From Cats #cats #empowerment #health #wellbeing #pets

6. Having One’s Own Space: Cats always seem to find a special place that is all theirs. It could be a specific chair, a box, a countertop, or the back of the sofa, but cats always claim a small section of your home as their own, and every other cat in the house, as well as the humans know this as “Their Space”. We all should have a section of our homes that is all ours. Much like the man cave, a reading nook, or a crafting room, cats know the value of having something of their own for a retreat from life’s interruptions. 

Things I Have Learned From Cats

7. Attitude / Cattitude: Cats are known for having a distinct attitude of being superior, even over us humans at times. We could take a lesson from cats in having a stronger ego, more self esteem, and while we do not need to develop a superiority complex most of us could benefit from knowing we are important, we are amazing, and we do have the ability to conquer our obstacles. 

8. Sharpened Claws: Much like Cattitude above, cats are the divas of the animal world. I have never seen a cat that will cower in the face of fear. Even when and if afraid, cats will go into self defense mode instantly when threatened in order to protect themselves, or their young. Women need to keep their claws sharp in business, regarding our kids and grandkids educational life, and in relationships that are not positive, to name a few situations. Keep your claws sharp my friends, learn from the cats. 

9. Cuddling: Always have one other living being in your life which you can count on a good cuddle from when you need it. We all need a connection to someone that we can count on to give us comfort. 

Things I Have Learned From Cats

The main thing I have learned from cats is to take care of yourself and take care of others… please.

Things I Have Learned From Cats

A big thank you to my Pumpkin and Nub for modeling for this article. 

What have you learned from your furry friends, cats or dogs, or other? I would love to hear about it in the comments! 

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