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Stand For Something A #BehindTheBlogger Prompt Fashion Beyond Forty

I have always been one to see both sides of a situation. I think it goes back to being a debate scholar in high school. We had to argue both sides of some very important topics from social issues to politics in a competitive format. I loved debate competitions and I was quite good at it. It made me consider going into law when I was entering college. My college career was very short lived needless to say.

Regardless thinking about our #BehindTheBlogger topic today, Stand For Something, I can honestly say that there have not been many times in my life where I stood up for any specific social issue, at least not in a public format. Working from home for over fifteen years may be one reason I can remove myself from people reaching out to me to do so, or avoiding the harsh realities of the world we live in. I am somewhat sheltered from a lot of things going on around in our society. Because I rarely watch television news (because who can we really trust anymore on television?) I rarely really now what is going on “out there”.

Yes there have been times in my personal life I have felt wronged, or felt that someone I love has been wronged, and I have attempted to stand up for others a time or two, to no avail as sadly our local legal system is severely lacking.

With all that said, I feel that my blog is a way for me to stand for something, even if only every now and then. I would like to think that I sometimes do this through these very articles and I am thankful for being a part of the #BehindTheBlogger series and am hopeful that in time more bloggers will join us. This is a great forum to help others by allowing them to view things through our eyes.

I also recently wrote an article that is very important to me and I hope will somehow, even if in a very small way bring about change. I would love for you to read that article as well, you can find it here:
I Am So Over Porn …. Being Used To Describe Food, Home Decor, Etc….

To me having written this was standing for something because I am sure I will not gain popularity points with many of my fellow bloggers, although so far I have received a lot of support. Even if I receive argumentative comments I welcome both sides of the coin because we all have a right to our own personal thoughts, feelings, and opinions. Also as they say, no press is bad press, and even disagreements and negative comments on my article helps push it forward, get more notice, and possibly reach more people who may just help change the way things are done in the long run!
It was not an easy article to write because I do believe in freedom of speech, I do believe if people want to do something they should be able to without someone else hindering them, and rarely do I speak up because I always tend to waiver back and forth on “squishy” issues. Squishy as in there are a lot of shades of grey. Some topics are a no brainer and I can clearly choose a side but those issues are few and far between by far. Ninety percent of topics I can see both sides quite clearly which only causes me to be unable to really determine which side I stand on, thus this topic in and of itself being convoluted for me. 

Stand For Something A #BehindTheBlogger Prompt Fashion Beyond Forty



Now, I can argue any side of any topic, if need be. I can convince most anyone of my side (whatever side I need to defend at the time), which again is due to my training as a debate scholar. This drives my husband, and others in my family crazy! I can not even say in all earnest that it is a positive character trait! However, it is how I think, and who I am. I should reconsider that law degree.

I do think it is very important that we all stand for something. It is just deciding what that something is that is crucial. When one “stands for” too many things others tend not to take one as seriously as when a person only “stands” for one or two things passionately.
Other than the topic on which I wrote that other blog post about I can think of a few things I stand for passionately:
Now granted, the above list is short but it covers a wide range of other tributary topics which are also of great importance, especially the social justice topic and environmental protection topic. Animal welfare is a bit more specific but is of a huge importance to me as an animal lover and advocate.
Even if you are not currently acting on any specific area, even if you do not feel you are really standing up for anything it is at least good to take a mental stock of what truly is important to you. What would you stand for if you had the time, the resources, the energy, the health, money, etc to do so?
I realize we all have different circumstances and situations that sometimes prevent us from being able to be active, proactive, or involved as others are able to. Knowing what we are passionate about, what we stand up for emotionally, or mentally, even if not actively is a positive thing. Even if you are unable at this time to go out and join a rally, picket line, or demonstration, parts of your belief system, the subtle things you say and do seep out to others, family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, and so forth. You may not even be aware of it but that bumper sticker on your car could change the way someone views something you are passionate about.
Do not be afraid to stand up. That is the most valuable thing I can offer you. Do not hold back what you think and feel! Do not let others stop your voice. Your thoughts, feelings, opinions are all valuable, even if they disagree with that of others or the popular belief. Even if you think you are not being herd, even if you feel no one agrees, even if you feel you are not making a difference, remember, those little silver strands that you leave behind even spoken in the softest tone do reach who they are meant to. By sharing your opinions and thoughts you are making a small ripple in society, a small clearing in an otherwise storm of other opinions.
Stand up for something, stand up for yourself!
I hope you have enjoyed my take on this #BehindTheBlogger prompt. PLEASE comment on this post about what you stand for and let YOUR voice be heard! 
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