Some Days Less Is More

There are many days, I wonder what I did with my day, especially days when work is slow, which is a rarity.

We had really nice rain showers today, which I personally love and the sky was that orange glowy color that I also simply love. It looks so mysterious and beautiful.

Upon thinking about these days, what I could have done, should have done, having plenty of time to do things I needed to get around to, those odds and ends chores, organizing, and cleaning I realize that some days are just days we are meant to be still.

What Did You Do With Your Day?

Why do we feel we need to do so much?

Now aside from the obvious, we do need to work in order to eat, pay bills and live, but when work is slow or life seems a bit dull and there is just “nothing to do” stop and ask yourself what did you do?
Did you take some time for quiet contemplation?
Did you enjoy a short cat nap?
Did you cuddle with your pets?
Did you read even one thing online you didn’t know about before?
Did you call an old friend to catch up?
Or did you sit there angry at yourself for not doing anything?
We are such a busy society, such a noisy one, that at times we forget it is the smallest most basic things that really can and do bring happiness when we allow them to.
Some days I do nothing, some days I do a lot, most days I try to find a balance.
What we need to do more of is reflection on the good in our lives. 

Our pets, family, friends, a really good acai berry chew that does not even seem like a healthy vitamin supplement, an orange sky after gentle rain showers, a fan softly humming and blowing our face as we cheat time with a short nap. What more can one ask for?

Well, of course, a lot but is it really necessary in the big picture?

I think not.

What did you do with your day?

I hope you relaxed a little.

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