What Are Your Tribes? We Are All Connected

When I recently received news that something showed up in my 3D Mammogram, and I had to go back for a sonogram, the first thing that popped into my mind was, “I really do not want to belong to that tribe.” What I was meaning in my own head by that was I was hoping I did not have breast cancer.

I have no idea why the term “tribe” popped into my head but it got me thinking, we all belong to some sort of tribe, if not multiple tribes.

While we may not be close knit tribes, we share common thoughts, fears, feelings, sensitivities, and experiences because we mutually belong to them.

Some tribes we belong to by choice and are joyful to be in them. Other tribes, we become a member of through things that happen to us. Sometimes we can still be joyful to have fellow tribe members showing support, even if we did not elect to be in that specific tribe.


What Are Your Tribes? We Are All Connected.
For example, by nature I belong to a tribe of Type 1 Diabetics, and the extension of that is the tribe of all diabetics, and through that the tribe of all people with life long health issues. I imagine I could extrapolate from those core tribes, multiple others due to other effects of my disease. I could say I belong to a tribe of people who watch their diet, although there are many various reasons why people either need, or decide to do this. I could belong to a tribe of people who struggle with health care, or insurance, or the rising cost of medical bills. I could perhaps be a member of a tribe of people who succeed against their own physical constraints. I could be a member of the tribe of individuals who care for other family members who suffer illness, and the list goes on and on.

My realization became that we all belong to many tribes, and are close to others who belong to their own tribes, people we love, and support, therefore become an honorary member of their tribes perhaps.

We are all connected through these tribes.

Whether you are a member of a tribe by choice, such as a volunteer tribe, an animal rights movement tribe, or a fitness tribe, or if you are a member of a tribe by fate, such as myself, there is always a link back to each other no matter how big our world may be.


What Are Your Tribes? We Are All Connected.

No matter how disconnected we may feel from the rest of the world at times, from our peers, and from society, it is important to know no one is alone. None of us are too far different from everyone else around us. While we may not have similar lifestyles, while we may have different personality types, or come from different socioeconomic backgrounds, we can always find something that links us if we desire to. There will always be some way in which we all can connect, band together, or bond through.

I challenge myself, and all of you, to work toward finding our links to others when we communicate. Instead of asking “How’s the weather” let’s work toward real dialogue. Let’s not avoid those we feel we could never have a connection with or nothing in common with. Let’s strive toward better communication all around.

Please comment below and start a dialogue with me so we can find our links! Say anything! What are your passions, interests?




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