10 Creative and Romantic Gift Ideas for the Holidays

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No matter how you celebrate the holidays, no matter what your faith, offer something to your loved ones that will truly be remembered. 

10 Creative and Romantic Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Gift giving does not necessarily need to be about how much you spend, or the name brand on the label. There are so many wonderful things you can do to celebrate the person you care about during the holiday season. Here is a list of 10 creative and romantic gifts you can give your loved one this year. 

Create a Scrapbook of precious keepsakes from your time together. Some goodies you can incorporate into your scrapbook include:

Photos of special moments together.

Movie ticket stubs. 
Concert tickets.
A cut out of the box top of chocolates your significant other gave to you.
A cut out from a magazine of his or her favorite perfume that you love. 
A page of special dates you have shared together.
A list of your all time favorite moments together.
Be imaginative and creative and have fun. Include things that will make your loved one laugh and smile and things that melt their heart! 


Yes its common, but stands the test of time. A lot of women say they don’t need flashy jewelry to be happy but I have never seen a woman cry over getting something shiny and sparkly for the holidays! Its in our genes and we can’t honestly deny the desire to slide a new ring on our finger, or the feel of that chain around our neck. Before buying jewelry however, especially for the men, take note of if your loved one tends to wear silver, or gold, and if her style is simple or flashy. You want to be sure you have her style down and if all else fails get something with both silver and gold in it that is basic. Ladies, don’t forget many men also enjoy a little pizazz and men’s jewelry is in style more than ever now.

Gift Baskets

Sure anyone can pick out an item and wrap it in a box with a pretty bow but only you know your loved one well enough to know exactly the kind of items to put in their custom made gift basket. Give baskets can be creative, fun, whimsical, romantic, or just plain zany. If your loved one is a huge comic book fan then make them a comic book gift basket with some rare old books and a few new ones that may inspire adding to their collection. Got a sci fi fan in your life? A few DVD’s of classic Sci Fi movies along with a few new ones and a couple Sci Fi figurines would make their day. Does your lady love gourmet coffee? Give her a variety of coffees along with a custom made coffee mug but don’t forget the biscotti and chocolate covered espresso beans. Really anything your loved one is into can be incorporated into a fabulous gift basket. This lets your loved one know that you took the time to really consider them when picking out their gift.

A Sweater

10 Creative and Romantic Gift Ideas for the Holidays

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Yes I know it seems almost too simple, but if you live in a cold climate nothing is better than the feel of a quality sweater against one’s skin when its cold outside. Every time there is a rush of cold air they will think of you and thank you for giving them something so cozy and love should make one feel cozy and warm. Of course you want a sweater that is made well and will stand the test of time, just like your love. Try to stay away from busy patterns and outlandish colors unless of course that is what your loved one is into. Neutral tones, and solid patterns usually will be worn more often and match more of their other clothing. If sweaters are not your style consider the same idea with cozy pajamas or a very thick comforting robe. Onesies are great for your nephew or college aged student, but your loved one deserves something a bit more lavish.

A DVD of the first movie you saw together or a CD that has the first song you danced to as a couple on it.

You can of course add more to this idea if you want to make it even more special but you would need to be a little creative. Attach a handwritten letter to your loved one on nice paper telling them all the thoughts and emotions that were going on inside of you on that date, or at that time. Tell them how nervous you were, or how you could not even keep your mind on the movie, or how you thought it cute when he slyly put his arm behind you at the theatre, or how stunning she looked on the dance floor. Whatever comes to mind just say it – as long as it is from the heart!

A Love Letter

What ever happened to the art of writing? A handwritten letter from you to your loved one is a gift that simply can’t be beat anytime of the year. With cell phones and computers written communication has become a thing of the past but in almost every classic romance it is the love letter that is a cherished item, an item one keeps forever.
You can write about a specific time spent together, a vacation you took, something you want to experience with him or her, write about what makes them so wonderful to you. You can write about all the things you want to give them or do for them in life, or you can write about their beauty. The possibilities are endless. I find one of the main reasons people do not write more love letters is because they just don’t know where to begin. So pick a topic, that will help you figure out what to put on paper and remember there are no rules, you can say whatever is in your heart.

A Photo Blanket

Many online and retail stores offer speciality items in their photography section. Simply do a google search of Personalized Photo Blanket to find sources. A blanket will keep your loved one warm all season long but also remind them of the special person who gifted it to them! The photo you choose for the blanket can be one of the two of you, your family, your loved one with their children or pet, or you can make a custom collage of things special to that person. Maybe they love a special orchard you had your first picnic at or maybe they love super heroes. You could put a picture of Captain America on it with a message that they are your super hero. Be creative and consider your loved one and have something special made just for them!

A Top 10 List of what you love about him or her.

There is nothing sweeter than reminding your loved one what it is you love about them. As humans need to know what makes our loved one’s heart melt! We want to know what traits we have that make them care for us because we not only need that ego boost but even more so because we want to continue those characteristics on for them. Let your loved one know what you love most about them for the holidays.

Love Coupon Book

10 Creative and Romantic Gift Ideas for the Holidays
Sure, you can purchase one but they are usually so corny or have things in them we would either never do, or do not have things in them we wish they did. Get crafty this holiday season. You make one on the computer or by hand. Even if you are not artistically talented, do not worry about it. I gave one to my husband once that looked like a 5 year old created it as I am far from crafty but it is not the look that matters, rather what you put into it. Your loved one will be thrilled to get a custom made coupon book just for them. Some ideas you can incorporate, include:

Massage and Breakfast in Bed

A Car Wash
Draw them a bubble bath and warm their favorite pajamas in the dryer and lay them out. A warmed towel is an extra little goodie.
Offer to do house chores that are not normally your responsibility. 
A romantic candle lit dinner for two at home.
Offer to watch a chick flick or man show with your loved one.
Sexual favors are always a plus in these coupon books too. 
Again use your imagination, show your loved one that you know what they want most by giving them coupons for it.

Boudoir Photos 
This one speaks for itself and men, don’t think that this is just something the ladies do for you. Men can also get very seductive photos taken of themselves for the woman in their life. Men can dress up for their lady in a fireman’s outfit, as an officer, whatever your woman desires, or go natural standing by your car, motorcycle, or with your baseball bat, any woman who loves you will love this gift. 
Ladies, we know what men like, and don’t be shy about flaunting what you got. You too can play dress up in a naughty milk maid outfit, as a nurse, or you can go natural as well. Sexy photos need not be slutty or overly provocative, and can be done with great taste.
Make sure you check out the photographer before setting your appointment of course.

What are some of your romantic gift ideas? Feel free to leave comments below to inspire others and share us your great ideas with us.

I love comments! Please join in discussion, ask questions, or leave tips for other readers. Comments truly are the driving force behind any blog as it helps the blogger to know what you, the reader want to see more of!

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