Date Night Fun – My Blue Apron Foodie Experience Plus 2 Free Meals For The First 50 To Sign Up!

Disclosure: I received 3 Free Meals from Blue Apron to share my experience with you. 

I love to cook, but I hate to shop for groceries. I know that sounds strange, and that obviously shopping for food goes hand in hand with cooking. I just find the experience of shopping to be nerve wracking. When I cook, I want to try new things, and often times finding what I need, quality, wholesome, and sometimes unusual ingredients, can be near impossible at my local grocery store. I do not have time to run around town to speciality stores, or whole foods stores, or even our one larger market to find things like quality saffron! When I had the chance to try Blue Apron, a service that brings you every single item you need to create delicious, and inspired meals at home, without the hassle of shopping, I was on board! 

The Blue Apron Philosophy:

 Our mission is to make incredible home cooking accessible. We call our company Blue Apron because chefs around the world wear blue aprons when learning to cook, and the blue apron has become a symbol of lifelong learning in cooking. We encourage this lifelong learning by introducing customers to new ingredients, flavors and cooking techniques with every recipe we create.

Every single item you need, from the protein, right down to the sauces, are included in your box! Absolutely no shopping required! You may need cooking oil, perhaps, but if you do need anything from your own pantry it would be simple things most anyone would have such as oil, salt, or pepper. 

You also get to emit specific proteins if you do not care for fish, or do not eat meat, there is even a vegetarian option with Blue Apron, making it perfect for anyone, regardless of your diet. 

Each meal also comes with super easy to follow recipe cards in full color including each step in cooking your meal! 

The cost of Blue Apron depends on the plan you select. There are two plans. The family plan, or the Two Person Plan, which is the plan I tried out. 

At 9.99 per person this is less expensive than dining out and the quality of the meals is excellent! I would say far better than your local AppleBee’s or mid range dining establishments by far! The food quality that I have experienced so far is much closer to a gourmet establishment! Family meal plans also offer delicious selections but those selections are more fitted to what the whole family would enjoy including the kiddos! 

I find the pricing more than fair, and a lot less expensive than shopping for the same ingredients myself. For one thing, I hate food waste! I always feel bad tossing out unused fruits, and veggies, because I over purchased. There are people starving in the world but let’s face it, a lot of food goes to waste because we don’t want to eat leftovers, or they end up pushed to the back of the refrigerator left to be forgotten about. Sometimes I simply over buy, ending up with wonderful mixed spring lettuce that spoiled before my family could consume it all. Even when I buy things on sale, I spend more when it goes bad before we can eat it, wasting my shopping dollar! 

For my family, after trying one shipment of Blue Apron, my husband and I have decided to continue the plan and become Blue Apron customers! 

Our box included three amazing meals! 

Today I want to share with you our cooking experience making the Sautéed Shrimp Sandwiches! 

The Knick Knack sacks included with each meal contain all of the sauces, nuts, spices, cheese blends, and other small ingredients you will need to prepare your meal. 

Personally I love to enjoy a nice glass of vino while cooking! Here you see me reading the easy instructions, I mostly used the pictures which also show you how to make your meal, step by easy step! 
While my husband mixed the saffron ailoi sauce, which I can not express to you how incredibly yummy it is as saffron is my all time favorite herb, I toasted the almonds. 

Plated, Sautéed Shrimp Sandwiches look stunning! The side salad was unlike any I have ever tasted as well, which is rare because I eat salads almost daily always experimenting with different kinds. To taste something so new, and so delicious in a salad is outstanding to me. 

I have to say the ingredient quality of Blue Apron foods is touch notch! The shrimp was plump, juicy, and fresh! Every ingredient was perfection and I am so excited to continue my subscription! 

2 Free Meals For The First 50 To Sign Up! 

More about Blue Apron:

Every week, Blue Apron’s team of culinary experts create seasonal, original recipes; customers receive these recipes customized to their individual dietary preferences, which they can update at any time. 

Recipes change every week so customers are always trying new meals; recipes are not repeated within a year.

Meals are between 500 and 700 calories per serving.

Average preparation time is 35 minutes. 

Reinventing the Grocery Supply Chain by Working Directly with Farmers.  

To supply its rapidly growing customer base, Blue Apron has created its own grocery distribution platform. It works directly with hundreds of family farms and suppliers to source ingredients that are fresher and cheaper than what is available at grocery stores.

Blue Apron is building a network of family farmers that champion sustainable farming practices. These direct farmer relationships allow Blue Apron to give customers access to hard-to-find seasonal produce.  

As of June 2015, over 1.1 million pounds of specialty crops were planted and harvested by small, family-run farms for Blue Apron recipes. 

 2 Free Meals For The First 50 To Sign Up! 

Join me, in joining Blue Apron for delicious meals, that are gourmet restaurant quality, that you can easily make right in your home. 

Life is busy, we do not get to spend a lot of time with our loved ones. So wether you opt for the family meal plan and spend time with your family as a whole cooking, or you choose the two person plan for yourself and a significant other, you will love what Blue Apron has to offer!

I know my hubby and I will enjoy our three date nights per week together, enjoying new meals, a good glass of wine, and time together! 

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