Color Confidence! Obsessed With Orange Monroe and Main Style! $125.00 RTV Giveaway Alert

Disclosure: This is a Fashionista Event Opportunity, and is hosted by Still Blonde after all these YEARS and Modly Chic. I received product to facilitate this review.

Ladies I have been obsessed with the color orange since my late teens. When Monroe and Main came out with their Color Confidence line and orange was one of the colors I had to select from for this blog post, there was no doubt in my mind that orange was the color I would select!

Incorporating vivid, bright, bold color into your wardrobe is a wonderful way to feel fresh, fashion-forward and fabulous, but to me, orange just says POW! If I were a superhero, my uniform would be orange, no doubt about it!

If you look into color psychology, orange means warmth, happiness. If you think about it, the orange fruit, how it smells, how they grow in sunny warm climates, how they energize us, it makes perfect sense. For me wearing orange says I am approachable, but bold, energetic, with a bright smile. I wold like to think that describes me.

Now we do not have to overdo any one color in our look, orange can also be subtle, as you will see in this amazing Mix It Up Tunic, from Monroe and Main.

Color Confidence! Obsessed With Orange Monroe and Main Style! $125.00 RTV Giveaway Alert

The Mix It Up Tunic:

$69.95 to $79.95

Unpredictable, textural and vibrant artistry conceals the middle and flatters every curve. Acrylic green fabric; acrylic/polyester print and mesh; sequin fabric, polyester/cotton. Hand wash; imported.
Women’s and Plus Sizes from Small to 3X

With just the right touch of playful orange color you can play it up, or down with accessories to your heart’s content. Go for the mellow with understated hue of the rustic orange tones in the Mix It Up Tunic. Or go bold by adding as many bright, vivid, youthful, orange accessories as you wish!

This Mix It Up Tunic fits like a dream, with plenty of room in the arms. It flows in such a lovely way, and gives you a feminine, girly feel even when your color accents are brave, and bold! Yes you can be both a lion and a lamb with this cute, multi textural tunic! Oh and did I mention there are sequins? Not too many, don’t worry you will have just the right touch of glimmer as you strut into a room, or enjoy a day out in nature.

I just absolutely love the contrasting textures, this tunic is a piece of art and we can be the lucky canvas! I am so happy I selected the Mix It Up Tunic! Now I want to show you some of my styling tips for this gorgeous piece of art and how to use ORANGE in your fall wardrobe!

Orange IS the New Black!

Go for the POW with a bright eye-catching orange bag and accenting with the orange Wire Cord Braided Necklace, also from Monroe and Main.  

Cute riding boots in a complimenting color help keep your look cohesive from head to toe. While I love incorporating rejuvinating orange as much as I can, sometimes playing some accessories down a little helps accentuate your orange accessories even more!  Plus the boots match the green accents in the Mix It Up Tunic so you really can’t go wrong. 

I find when using bolder colors to stick to one or two at most when possible as not to overdo it.

Bold Beautiful Orange

You may also notice I am wearing this hot Wire Band Cuff from Monroe and Main which you can purchase for only 15.95 and note that it is also a giveaway item ladies! This cuff is gorgeous and a true attention getter! 

Come out of the Dark!

While I do love natural colors like browns, and deep greens, it’s time to come out of the dark, and spark your natural hues with a splash of vivid color! You can have it both ways! 

Bring on the Orange!

If you want to dress your look up a bit and get even more of that super-girl POW look going on try wearing some killer sandals, in energizing orange of course! 

In this photo below you also get a good look at the back of the Mix It Up Tunic. I love how much is going on here and while you can’t really see it in the photos there is just the right amount of sparkle from the sequins to keep those who may be gazing upon you looking your way and since orange is known as the color of good communication you may just make a few new friends! 

Orange just brightens one’s day and brings about a feeling of happiness for you and those around you. Dressing in an awakening color like orange is a sure fire way to bring about a good feeling. 

I just think the Mix It Up Tunic is the coolest clothing item I have come across in a while and I had to have it and I think you all need one in your closet before fall arrives.

Notice in the second photo below the handy pocket in the Mix It Up Tunic which is super big, going around the side of the tunic, and super deep! Love pockets in tunics! 

Happy Joyful Orange

Fun Playful Orange
Fun Flirty Orange mixed with Natural Hues

If you want to play your look more subtle, but still be bold with a little orange in your look, you can opt for a necklace with a few different orange, and earth tones in it, along with a cute pair of Eastland shoes, also available on Monroe and Main

The earth green Eastland shoes help give a more down to earth styling to the overall look, allowing even more for bright bold energetic orange to take center stage. Bright colors need not be over the top, or intimidating all depending on how you style your outfit. 

I love this look and think it is my favorite because with Fall upon us I will need to be a little more practical in my styling. Plus being a nature lover it just makes more sense to wear “sensible shoes”. I still want all of you to be sure not to get stuck in a rut when it comes to color and if you are going to go BOLD you may as well go all the way with invigorating orange! 

Orange the Color of Confidence!

Orange is the color of communication

Another great style tip is “its all in the details” and that is so true! Not only does the Wire Cord Braided Necklace compliment the Mix It Up Tunic perfectly but even my earrings have a delicate orange hue to them and I suppose we can’t ignore the fact my hair has orange tones in it as well but I don’t expect anyone to go dye their hair just to bring more orange to their personal style palette. I did however wear an orange lip color and I would love for each of you, even if just one time, gave it a try. I always get tons of compliments when I wear orange and you will too. 

Orange just brings out your inner confidence, and others notice that, others want that in themselves, so maybe you can inspire someone to just go for it too! 

Orange is empowering!

Wear More Orange
Anyone can ROCK Orange!

While my husband and I were walking the beautiful gardens at the lake we came across this stepping stone. I had to take a photo and share it with you. I have always hoped that the stars were the spirits of our loved ones! They are looking down on us, they are happy, and they want us happy, is there a happier color than orange? I think not. 

Orange is the color of happiness

So as I sat and pondered the potential arugements to wearing orange, I anticipated some ladies not feeling that orange works for their skin tone, or hair color. I want to just touch base on that topic for a moment. Remember my ginger friends, both those who have natural red and those with boxed red like my own … you can totally ROCK orange! 

Just work on using different hues, tones, and shades of amazing orange colors and you will find your perfect shades that you can wear with confidence. Remember also you can start with small things like earrings, or a bracelet, just to dip your toes into the orange color palette a little. 

I know so many people say redheads can’t or should’t wear orange but that is their own lack of confidence coming through. Don’t let anyone tell you that you “can’t” do anything. In fact redheads look amazing in orange! It all comes down to what your skin-tone is, and what shade of orange your hair is. Play around a little, don’t be afraid to have fun! 

Don't be afraid of the color Orange

You can also wear your tunic with skirts, over dresses, with slacks, and black leggings as I did below. I think the black skinnies really make the textures in the Mix It Up Tunic POP! 

Obsession with Orange

So as I come to a close on my Obsession with Orange and before we get to the big giveaway event below, I just wanted to share with you my attempt at juggling, and you guessed it, I was trying to juggle ORANGES! I did not master the art of juggling. 

Juggling Oranges - or not

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And now onto the Color Confidence Giveaway Event! … 


Enter MY Giveaway below then enter the other 24 lovely ladies giveaways too for more chances to win the Monroe and Main #MMColorConfidence $125.00 Retail Value Giveaway! 

Monroe and Main Color Confidence Giveaway

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