Caribou Coffee Powered My 12 Hour Adventure

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me about my 12 Hour Adventure with a delicious caribou coffee boost!

In summer the days are longer and we tend to be in the mood to seek adventure!

Whatever your summer pace is Caribou Coffee has a wide variety of premium cold drinks for you to discover and explore and keep you fueled for all your summer adventures!

In fact Caribou Coffee created their new Crafted Press to be the perfect way to keep you going in your day to day adventures! The bold coffee helps keep you awake while the touch of sweetness keeps you refreshed!

Caribou Cold Press Coffee takes 12 hours to steep because they want to serve us the best quality coffee. That made Caribou wonder, “What motivates you for 12 hours?” So grab your camera, or cell phone camera, and share your adventure with the world using #12hrAdventure – I would love to see what your adventures are this summer and so would Caribou Coffee!

My 12 hour adventure was a day out and about with my daughter and her grandmother, both of these ladies are tons of fun!
First, we had to start our day by grabbing a Caribou Coffee Crafted Press! Mine was a creamy salted caramel.

Caribou Coffee Powered My 12hrAdventure
I had to browse the coffee selection while at our local Caribou Coffee shop. 

Caribou Coffee Powered My 12hrAdventure

And a BONUS … a medium Crafted Press from Caribou Coffee is only 100 calories! Now that is a great deal if you ask me!

Caribou Coffee Powered My 12hrAdventure

My Crafted Cold Press in tow, we took to the highway to go on a tour of a museum, something we had all been wanting to do for ages but never got around to. I guess hot summer days can make you want to stay inside in the air conditioning, but we are not to be kept down! We took our fun outgoing attitudes and took to the town! Caribou Coffee of course keeping us on top of our adventures!

Caribou Coffee Powered My 12hrAdventure
It was hot, and windy, but that didn’t slow us down, we were off to grab a late lunch but first we had to make a pit stop, getting another round of Caribou Coffee Crafted Press! That first one just went down too fast! It was so so good!
Caribou Coffee Powered My 12hrAdventure
No matter what the adventure my daughter always has her phone camera ready to go and snapped these fun photos of us enjoying our Crafted Press Coffees.
Caribou Coffee Powered My 12hrAdventure
Of course, we had to pause for a selfie of all of us ladies together. You can tell what a great time we had on our road trip and thankfully Caribou Coffee Crafted Press helped spur our adventures together.
Caribou Coffee Powered My 12hrAdventure

To me, there is nothing better about summer than getting out and exploring the world around you. While we did not necessarily go across the country it was nice to get out for a full day of fun together.

There is nothing better than family to travel and have adventures with and it was nice to share these experiences together.

We learned a thing or two for sure, had a lot of laughs, and shared some cold, creamy, dreamy Caribou Coffee along the way.

Try it for yourself! Sign up for the Caribou Coffee Mobil App, Caribou Perks and if you fill out the optional survey, you will get a complimentary medium Crafted Press!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Caribou Coffee.



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