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Ladies I am a huge fan of light pretty colors. Blush, nudes, light pinks, white, tans, there is something so calming and lady like about them.

This outfit came together slowly over time in a hodgepodge of ways. This is how some of my best outfits seem to occur. Some people can have a look in mind, go out and shop for that look, and combined all of the perfect elements in one day. Me, I like a more organic approach. I enjoy having a few closet staples, things that I can always rely upon, and add in a piece here and there as I collect them without much effort to make one perfect look. 

Below is a look that is one of my favorites, but I only recently discovered it! I will tell you how this collection came together over time as we scroll through the photos taken by my daughter. 

Blush Fashion Belted Wrap Coat Michael Kors
Blush Fashion My Favorite!
Some of you may recall last December that my daughter turned 20 years old. This coat, by Michael Kors was one of her birthday gifts. As much as she appreciated it being a Kors item, the coat just did not speak to her style aesthetic. I know that it will in time, as to me, it is a classic look. She opted to give me ownership, which is fine, I won’t turn it down. She received some other amazing gifts for her birthday from myself, and an amazing gift from our entire family, so don’t feel too bad for her! 

This classic blush pink coat, which is actually called “winter white” was sold at Victoria’s Secret, I bought it on clearance. They are sold out but you can find coats very similar to this one ranging anywhere in price from 40.00 on up to thousands of dollars. 

Blush Fashion Belted Wrap Coat Michael Kors
Inviting, and Feminine can still be Bold!

Don’t feel that wearing a light color such as blush is too young, or childish. If you pair the look with a strong black boot, tote, or strong complimentary accessories, perhaps a scarf, you can “age it up” a little and not feel you are dressing like a little girl, yet still feel feminine and youthful.

My black boots are nothing expensive or spectacular. In fact I have owned these for about 2 years now. I think, if memory serves I got them online via one of those shoe clubs. I won’t link it as I was not impressed with how hard it was to cancel the subscription and I won’t use them again. I believe these boots were right around 40 dollars. I don’t think they were worth that much to be honest, although they have held up well, the materials are cheap, and they have no support. Regardless, they are the only pair I own at this time. I am working on getting a better pair in end of season sales coming up soon. 

Still, you can see how adding a strong black boot to the sweet color of blush really makes a statement. What is that statement? It can be whatever you want it to be but for me it says that “I am a lady, feminine and a woman, strong”. I like wearing the black boots as it puts the strong element of the look at the feet, which shows stability and an air of being well grounded, centered, and focused.

Blush Fashion Belted Wrap Coat Michael Kors Loft Skirt, BCBGeneration Top
Blush Fashion – Belted Wrap Coat by Michael Kors, Ann Taylor Loft Skirt, BCBGeneration Top

 The skirt is Loft by Ann Taylor which I purchased on ThredUp awhile back for around 10.00 which is a place you can buy and sell new or gently worn clothing. Whatever they can’t accept to sell for you will be donated. This is a neat idea, and a good way to get rid of unwanted items if you don’t want to sell them yourself or take them to donate yourself, but don’t expect to make much money as a seller. You can however score amazing deals as a buyer! Also if you use the link above – my referral link – you will get a 10.00 credit to use on the site.

I love the length of this skirt, especially for my short statute. It is not too long, as skirts can often be on me, but it is also not too short, which would potentially look “too young” for my age.

The top is from BCBGeneration and was a purchase from one of my many LeTote shipments. I reviewed this shirt in a previous post. The shirt is simplistic but unique with the back being lower than the front and has a very nice texture to it. I love clothing with texture.  I find this top to fit in well with a classic look.

Blush Fashion Belted Wrap Coat Michael Kors Loft Skirt, BCBGeneration Top
Versace Glasses, Giant Fashion Stretch Ring, Modest Earrings and Necklace, Pink Bag

To finish off the look I kept my earrings and necklace simple and somewhat dainty. The earrings have a slight bit of bling as does the necklace both in rose gold. The ring is more of a statement pop with a cluster of pink and white flowers with “diamonds” in the middle. The bag – I can not recall the name, is not a high dollar bag but I love it. I think I got it in a fashion trade for around 25.00 shipped. My glasses, are prescription, from Versace. 

What do you think of this look? What would you change, if anything? What is your favorite part of my styling? Please share your thoughts with me below. 

Thank you for reading my blog and as always, 

Stay Stylish! 

I love comments! Please join in discussion, ask questions, or leave tips for other readers. Comments truly are the driving force behind any blog as it helps the blogger to know what you, the reader want to see more of!

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