Verified Codes, for Coupons, Discounts, and Deals

Ladies, you love a great deal, I love a great deal. In fact I try, when I hear of a great deal to tell you all about them but let’s face it, I can’t keep up on all the deals, and honestly, only you know the deals you want the most. Well Verified Codes has all of us covered!

Verified Codes –  Discover THOUSANDS of verified coupon codes, deals and discount gift cards for the stores YOU love!

Verified Codes, for coupons, discounts, and deals

So what does “verified” mean anyway? How often have you found a coupon code online only to discover after getting all excited about a great deal, that the code is outdated, or completely bunk? You do not have to worry about that with Verified Codes! They make sure all of their codes are 100% verified, hence the name VERIFIED Codes!

Now I have a confession … I only recently learned about Verified Codes, and prior to learning about them I used another coupon code site, for years actually. I also have to confess, while it sufficed for a good long while, I am not a fool. When a better site comes along, fixing issues the old site has had for eons now, never fixing, I am game for a change! Yes you can teach this older gal new tricks and Verified Codes is a real treat!

I love how on their site sidebar they also feature codes that are about to expire so I never miss a great deal!

Another thing I am loving about Verified Codes is that their site is colorful but not too colorful, it is crisp, refreshing, and most of all easy to read and understand how to use.

Verified Codes offers both online and printable coupons to use in store.

Now, as if all of that is not good enough, they have a 50%+ off area of the website, and from what I have found, its usually 50%+ off and then-some! I have found well over 70% off codes and offers on Verified Codes! Check it out for yourself right now with this link which takes you directly to their 50%+ off page.

I am browsing their website right now as I write this post in order to be sure to tell you as many great things as I can remember but at this moment I am looking through their 50%+ off page and a few things have caught my eye!

Some examples of 50%+ off deals you can find on this page include Coach, Barneys Warehouse, Brooks Brothers, HP, Kohls, Sammy Dress, Target, and Lord and Taylor, just to name a few and when I say few, I mean I have not even tapped the tip of the iceberg here! I am seeing over two hundred and forty pages of 50%+ off coupons. Ladies that is over 240 PAGES of coupons, not just 240 coupons!

Look the fact is we could spend hours a week (for some of us hours per day) looking for coupons for all of the stores we shop at, but with Verified Codes, we have one stop source for all the deals, online, and in store coupons, and discounts we would ever need. They have a search function so you can go right to the store you are looking for as well, and if that store has a coupon, I would bet doughnuts to dollars it is on Verified Codes!

And ladies, one more thing … I am so super excited about this … Verified Codes has an add on if you are using Google Chrome Browser … you can click two buttons and install an app that will shop with you, alerting you of deals, codes, coupons, and discounts while you are checking out at any shop online! Now this, this is epic in my book! I am so excited to use it I am going to go buy something after I am done posting this just so I can give it a try! Do you think that would be considered a tax deductible business expense since I am obviously just learning about a company I am writing about? Hummm….

Well, I think I have given you about as much info as you need, because it is really a simple site to use but if you find out any other neat features that I have not posted about please come back, comment, and tell me about it! In the mean time, happy shopping, made simple for savings by Verified Codes!

Disclosure: I have been compensated for writing this post, however I applied to write this post because I feel strongly about what I have stated in this article.

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