Red Brick Candle Review

Disclosure: I received this candle in exchange for my review.

Candles are everywhere in my home. We love them. They provide not only a relaxing environment, but wonderful aroma as well. We also always have a lot on hand for these winter months, not to mention storm season! We can never have too many candles! Some candles however are just too special to use for lighting alone. Some, like Red Brick Candle, well they are for a true spa sensation! 

When I was first offered a Red Brick Candle to review, my eyes popped. Even from looking at it online I could tell this was something unique and was going to be amazing! 

When the candle arrived, quickly I will add, I could smell the scent before I even opened the box! This is not a company that skimps on the scent oils they use! My candle is Loft No. 1 Scent – A Deep Blend of Warm Maple & Rich Vanilla.

Red Brick Candle Review
Red Brick Candles are Huge! 
When I opened it my family was home, my daughter’s boyfriend said it reminded him of his favorite doughnut. Side note – this guy is doughnut crazed – so that is a huge compliment. I myself find it to smell like french toast. My daughter said it smells like the holidays. My husband who’s nose is seriously to be questioned, said it smells spicy and like pumpkin pie. Everyone however gets something uniquely different from this aroma. We all however agree we love it! 

When you order your Red Brick Candle, not only will you receive a wonderful smelling candle, but you will also receive with it beautiful packaging and Red Brick’s own box of matches to light your candle with. In addition to that you will receive a wealth of knowledge about candles, and tips on how to properly burn them in order to make them last longer. Yes there are specific things you can do to extend the life of your candles. 

Red Brick Candle Review
This is a Gift I Would Give and Love to Receive! 

Here is more information from Red Brick Candle

Red Brick Candle Review

Established in 2011, Red Brick Candle is committed to making beautiful, hand-crafted candles, with a focus on simplicity, beauty and sophistication. We pay special attention to the details, knowing that our candles must effortlessly illuminate and compliment the spaces in which they exist. Red Brick Candles are architecturally inspired and are designed to be burned together, creating rich candlescapes that add the perfect touch of warmth to any setting.  

LOFT No. 1 | A Deep Blend of Warm Maple and Rich Vanilla: Our LOFT Collection is inspired by the swag, sophistication and simple beauty of loft city living. From the moment you receive your candle, you will notice the attention to detail – from our packaging to the hand-poured wax. Each candle contains 10.9 ounces of premium grade soy based wax and provides 75-80 hours of clean, even burn time and rich luxurious scents. And of course, our wicks are all natural and lead free.  

More than creating beautiful candles, we recognize that we must also work in a responsible and socially sustainable way. That’s why we also commit to donating ten percent of every dollar we make to community development and urban revitalization efforts in the U.S., with a special focus on the arts and education initiatives in our hometown, Atlanta, GA. 

 First of all – good for Red Brick for giving back! I will always put my money into a company that gives back over a company that does not. Also good on them for creating sustainable products. You all know I love things that do not harm the environment. 

There are other scents offered by Red Brick Candle
and one of them is Lilac, which I would absolutely love to try! I generally prefer the lighter more floral scents myself, but this specific candle smells delicious and is actually making me crave french toast! 

When you purchase your candle on Amazon Red Brick Candle
you will find the following information:

  • IT’S ALL IN THE DETAILS – From the moment you receive your candle, you will notice the attention to detail – from our packaging to the hand-poured wax. Our scented candles contain 10.9 ounces of premium grade soy based wax and provide 75-80 hours of clean, even burn time and rich luxurious scents. And of course, our wicks are all natural and lead free.
  • GIVE LIGHT – Whether you are treating yourself or giving a gift to someone special, Red Brick Candles are the perfect gift for any occasion.
  • LIGHT UP THE WORLD – Help make a difference by partnering with us in our Light Up The World campaign. Ten percent of all proceeds directly benefit urban revitalization and community development initiatives in the communities where our people live, work, play and burn candles.
  • LOVE YOUR CANDLE – Enjoy your candles with the peace of mind of a 100% money back guarantee. Really. If you aren’t satisfied, we’ll ship you a new candle or refund your purchase. You don’t even have to return the original purchase. But we are confident you will love them and want more.
  • IT PAYS TO PURCHASE – Get 38% off on our luxury scented candles.  Also get free shipping plus an additional 10% off when you buy 2 or more – see special offers below.

Red Brick Candles are discounted on Amazon right now for only 28.00 each which gives you up to 80 hours of burn time if burned properly using their easy to understand tips. Also enjoy free shipping of you have Amazon Prime. 

I for one am impressed by so many aspects of these candles, form the packaging, to the nice email from Red Brick telling me all of the useful candle tips, to the money back guarantee, to the Light Up The World campaign.  

I am going to get myself the Lilac scent. Which scent are you going to purchase? Let me know in the comments below I would love to know what your favorite scent is. 

I love comments! Please join in discussion, ask questions, or leave tips for other readers. Comments truly are the driving force behind any blog as it helps the blogger to know what you, the reader want to see more of!

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