Happiness Is … Our Vain Kitten

One of our cats, our youngest, Pumpkin, also know as Pumpkin Butter, or for short, Butters, is very vain! 

Every single night we find her staring at herself in the mirror! As soon as she catches us watching her, she looks at us and walks away from the mirror. This is why the photos are not so clear, I wanted to get the photos snapped last night before it was too late. 

I keep meaning to share this with you all but always forget as I never see her do it except when we are preparing for bed, and by that time taking photos is not usually on my mind. 

Cat staring at herself in mirror, vaine kitty, fashion beyond forty

Go figure, I am always looking in the mirror, my daughter is always looking in the mirror, why wouldn’t our youngest female cat? She is very pretty isn’t she! 

I get a huge smile out of this every night before I go to sleep and after she is done looking at herself she crawls into bed next to me. 

So for me today, Happiness Is … my vain kitty cat, Butters. 

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