Happiness Is … Recycling

Hello Lovlies … 

The photo below may not be the prettiest photo, but it reminds me of the beauty we are keeping our planet in by doing one simple thing…recycling! This is one weeks worth of recycling from our household! One week! Can you imagine two weeks, a month, what about a full year? 

Please Recycle - Fashion Beyond Forty
Please Recycle!

Today when I went to empty the smaller recycling container into our 55 gallon container in the garage and saw it full I at first was annoyed, as I had to trek outside into the cold to retrieve our second 55 gallon container. Then I smiled, realizing what a good thing we are doing. I only wish more people made this small effort. I have noticed that not enough of my neighbors are recycling. These are good people, we like them, and they work hard, have good personalities, and are very kind as well as caring, but I do wonder why they are not recycling. 

I am not the most motivated person in the world but really it is not difficult to put something in one container rather than another in the kitchen. We do not even have room for a second container so I use a large bag that hangs over a cabinet knob. When it fills us, which is several times a day, I dump it in the larger container. 

Not recycling, just does not make sense to me. 

Okay I will get off my soapbox and stop preaching, but please ladies, as we think of our own day to day beauty, let’s also think of the beauty of our earth as well. Thanks for listening. 

For me, today, Happiness Is, a full recycling bin. 

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