Happiness Is … Finally Organized

You might think as someone who loves their pretties so much that I would have been well organized by now having moved into our new house back in June.

I wasn’t organized at all.

In fact, my room, my closet, my shoes, clothing, accessories, etc. were an utter mess! I had nothing where I wanted them, and I did not even have an idea of where I wanted them in a best case scenario.

My daughter and her changing style to the rescue!

You may have noticed in recent posts that my daughter wanted to redecorate. She pretty much changed up everything in her room. With that said, she also no longer wanted any of her bedroom furniture. While my husband and I had planned to buy a new bedroom set in the near future, this suddenly became somewhat unnecessary, at least for the time being. My daughter has begun to find second-hand items and restore them. We inherited her bedroom set. This set will look great once I paint our bedroom the “Deep in the Woods” chocolate brown color I am desiring. The light wood against the darker wall should look very nice.

This set will look great once I paint our bedroom the “Deep in the Woods” chocolate brown color I am desiring. The light wood against the darker wall should look very nice.

Yes, it is from the Winnie The Pooh Disney Collection Paint Colors. You can play around with the paint colors yourself if you want using the link above.


Deep In the Woods Disney Collection Paint Winnie The Pooh

So now that we have real bedroom furnishings we have an organization – finally!

We need to fix the uneven doors on the wardrobe a little. The handles are “off”.
Happiness Is ... Finally Organized
My husband gave me free reign of the wardrobe because he simply did not require the extra space.
I thought long and hard about how I wanted to use this. First, I considered stacking sweaters on one side, jeans on the other. Since I do not have that many jeans or sweaters so it would have been wasted space. I do however have tons of shoes, and bags so I used the space for them.
The wardrobe does not house all of my shoes by any means but it does hold my most used shoes for the season. I will switch my shoes out when it begins to get warmer and put these shoes back in the closet.
I am afraid I am on a no buy for bags, as I can’t fit any more in the drawers. What is a girl to do?
Happiness Is ... Finally Organized

I inherited a full-size dresser, which is wonderful for keeping all of my jewelry, and perfumes organized. My husband even gets his own side! (Yikes, I need to clean this mirror! Time to get my lemon oil in action!)

You can get a slight view of my bedding in the reflection in the mirror, but this is not even my personal bedding set. That is just an extra blanket we put on top since the animals love to be on our bed during the day.

My half of the closet has my off season shoes as well as heels, pumps, wedges, etc that may only get used now and then in the cold weather.

I do not wear heels often even in the summer so they pretty much always live here.

It will be the sandals, wedges, and pumps that come out and take the place of the boots in my wardrobe.

I stacked my sweaters and jeans on the lower shelf above my hanging clothes. My hanging clothes have more room now too it seems.

Below (lower left photo) you see a pair of boots that I wear all of the time.

These are my trusty standby’s when I am not concerned with styling too much. Behind them are some summer clothes, tucked away also waiting to emerge when the weather brightens up.

It feels really good to be organized and it has a very practical purpose as now it takes me less time to get ready!

We are still focusing on getting my daughter’s room where she wants it. Usually the kids inherit stuff from their parents but in this case, it is a role reversal, but I’m fine with that.

So for me today, Happiness Is … Organization – Finally


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