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Perfectly and Prettifully Covered is how you will feel when you wear fashions by Covered Perfectly! I am so honored to be selected to review some of their wonderful clothing items. I have put together for you some great styling looks from two of their best selling items – the Wrap Over from the MicroModal Collection and the Luxury Light Weight Faux Fur Vest from their Vests Collection

Covered Perfectly has lovely luxurious fashions for women like me, women like you, women who come in all shapes and sizes who want to look and feel fabulous! I have had so much fun styling these two items and have felt covered perfectly while wearing them! Even my son has said he loves theses looks, and he does not say things like that often! I have received so many compliments while wearing Covered Perfectly and can’t say enough good things about the way the clothing is made and designed. 

Before I share with you my photos I want to tell you a little about the company and it’s founder, Pauline Durban:

Pauline Durban of Covered Perfectly
Pauline Durban of Covered Perfectly

My name is Pauline Durban, I am the president and founder of Covered Perfectly, a company whose sole purpose is designing cute, flattering clothing for women over 40. 

I moved to America from England in 1992, and I am happy and proud to call California my home. I believe in the American dream; that you can get anything you want if you are willing to work hard in order to achieve it. 

This is my story… 

You know that feeling when you are going through your closet, trying desperately to find something appropriate to wear? That was me and I was becoming more and more frustrated.  

The sleeves on my tops were too short to cover that part of my arms I would rather not reveal. Of the few tops that did cover my arms, the body wasn’t long enough to cover my tummy! 

Friends assured me I looked great, but ultimately it came down to how I felt about the way I looked. I wanted women’s tops that made me feel attractive, and confident that I was showing the best parts of me. However, finding the right women’s tops that would do the job was becoming a huge challenge. 

Instead of settling for the limited women’s fashion available, I decided to take matters into my own hands, and Covered Perfectly was born.

Please see the rest of Pauline’s Story at Covered Perfectly’s My Story Page.

So I’m feeling This woman really gets my needs! Everything she said rings true for me! I too don’t like to show “that part” of my arms, I too want to look and feel sexy without trying to get my 45 year old figure into a top designed for a 25 year old! I get so disgruntled in most mall shops looking for something in between “teeny bopper” and “old lady” and I am not ready for the old lady clothing yet! Covered Perfectly to the rescue! Thank you Pauline!! 
Oh and also all of Covered Perfectly’s clothing is made in the United States of America and includes Free Shipping both ways in the USA! In addition, as you look at my photos, keep in mind, right now, as of this posting anyway, their site is offering a Buy 2 Get 1 Free Sale! 
So let’s take a look at what I wore! 

Fashion Beyond Forty Models Covered Perfectly Clothing
When my package from Covered Perfectly Arrived I was thrilled and immediately put on the Faux Fur Vest! I was so happy that what I was already wearing that day matched perfectly! It was meant to be! I decided right then and there it was time for a mini photo shoot so I grabbed my husband and he grabbed the camera! This is the Luxury Light Weight Faux Fur Vest which comes in black, leopard (pictured) and multi brown. I really liked it belted with a little spunky fun belt which gives a nod to a more youthful era of me. The hood is so warm and cozy and stays on without blocking my view, which I find a lot of hoods these days are useless because they come up so high that they fall over your eyes! Covered Perfectly realizes, we need to see! I also styled with two different necklaces one shorter, one longer. The shorter necklace was used with the belt as not to clutter the mid section. This would be a nighttime look. 

Fashion Beyond Forty Models Covered Perfectly Clothing
The next day I paired the same Luxury Light Weight Faux Fur Vest with a brown sweater and brown boots, taking it the other color direction. I felt like a real nature girl in my vest and blue jeans posing by one of my favorite things, a tree. I believe I am never too old to dress fun, and the young do not have the market on fun! Besides I felt ten years younger wearing clothing that feels great, looks great, and fits great! I styled this look with two necklaces, one which is an open ended swing tassel necklace giving that air of adventure and whimsy to the look which compliments the air of adventure and whimsy the vest portrays. In the last photo in this collage you will see that I used the necklace as a belt, I really loved this styling.  Overall this is a lovely day time look. 

Fashion Beyond Forty Models Covered Perfectly Clothing
Then the next day I did two photo sessions, one first to show you the Wrap Over from the MicroModal Collection on its own and later to show you the Wrap Over with the Luxury Light Weight Faux Fur Vest. First we have the Wrap Over, which is a figure flattered top made of the most amazing fabric, MicroModal with a touch of Spandex. Let me tell you ladies, at first I thought “oh no this top is going to be too long on me, I am so short” but the truth is that even on my 5 foot 3 frame, this top is the best! The bottom of it can be scrunched up or pulled down to compliment any height and figure. 
Also normally, I do not like wearing anything but V necks because of my wide shoulders but this Wrap Over top gives me another option that is just so much fun, it can be worn day or night as the wrap has an almost romantic look to it, flowing in a way. This is the most practical but at the same time exciting shirt I have ever worn! Oh and ladies, it comes in four colors, black, blue (a very pretty light blue), gray, and malt (I love the malt color, wait I love the blue as well…anyway)… I just can’t express to you how good this feels on the skin. You have to try one of these tops. Seriously if you don’t know where to start with the Covered Perfectly Collection, this is where to begin! 
And ladies, if you have a muffin top, you won’t wearing this Covered Perfectly Wrap Over from the MicroModal Collection, well okay it will still be there, but no one will know it! 

Fashion Beyond Forty Models Covered Perfectly Clothing
Last we have the Wrap Over from the MicroModal Collection paired with the Luxury Light Weight Faux Fur Vest from the Vests Collection. This gives a day to night look without having to change a single thing but you could change your shoes to a more tailored boot, or heels, if you wanted to go out and party. I like this look for its slimming and casual styling. I think that overall you can take these two items and do so many things with them, they are truly versatile, there are many ways that you can style a leopard faux fir vest and of course a slimming, sexy, basic black top is always a must have. 

I do want to say that as for the quality of these items, I believe they are going to last for many years to come. Especially the Wrap Over because of the way the fabric feels. It just feels durable, strong, and capable of withstanding my abuse as I am not always the most delicate of creatures. 

Ladies I just could not be more thrilled with my experience with Covered Perfectly. I had a hard time deciding what to review but I wanted to go for something fun and yet at the same time something every woman would love to have in her closet. I hope I selected things you would like to own! 

Plus sized ladies, you are not left out! Covered Perfectly has a line just for you

I already have my eyes on the next item I covet at Covered Perfectly – The Simple Comfort top in Blue Leopard which comes in plus size as well! 

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Ladies please, take a look at the wonderful reviews left by so many lovely ladies our age. Ladies of all shapes, and sizes, are showing you how they look, and how they styled their Covered Perfectly selections. Here you can see just how your body shape will look in many of the Covered Perfectly selections as well as get great ideas on styling from women our age! I find that refreshing, how about you? 

So which of my looks above was your favorite? I would love to hear from you. 

I love comments! Please join in discussion, ask questions, or leave tips for other readers. Comments truly are the driving force behind any blog as it helps the blogger to know what you, the reader want to see more of!

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