Surface Awaken Therapeutic Treatment Review

So this is ironic…when my daughter and I recently went to the salon to get our brows waxed and hair done I picked up a couple of products from a brand called Surface. One of those items was a styling spray and the other a hair taffy. If you have never used hair taffy, you must! The stuff is amazing, and fun to use, even if a little messy. However, recently I had a chance to review one of the Surface products and I was super excited because I had planned to tell you all about Surface anyway! Cool deal huh! 

Beauty Care Choices sent me a 2 ounce bottle of Surface Awaken Therapeutic Treatment to review for you. Note that while 2 ounces sounds small this is a full size bottle, (they offer two sizes – this is the smaller of the two), because it only takes a little to work, although I probably use far more than I need to because it feels very good! 

Surface products are all vegan, GMO free, not tested on animals, and all that other stuff I love. 

Here is more information on Surface Awaken Therapeutic Treatment

Strengthen and rejuvenate thinning hair, and maintain a healthy scalp. Natural extracts including Saw Palmetto combine with mineral ferments and antioxidants to help detoxify and rejuvenate the scalp and follicle. Botanical extracts help decrease DHT. Anti-aging mineral ferments aid cellular renewal. Vegan proteins strengthen emerging hair. Relieve dandruff and psoriasis. Nutrients are maximized with vegan protein and essential amino acids. Paraben-free, gluten-free, vegan, not tested on animals. Use twice daily am and pm. Apply to scalp with dropper and massage in.


Surface Awaken Therapeutic Treatment ReviewSurface Awaken Therapeutic Treatment ReviewSurface Awaken Therapeutic Treatment ReviewSurface Awaken Therapeutic Treatment Review

So I have not personally used this long enough to know for sure if it works for hair growth but I can attest to the fact that it is extremely healing for psoriasis and if you have psoriasis you know that anything that can make you feel better is worth trying! I will give Surface the benefit of the doubt however on it working for thinning hair simply because every other product I have tried by Surface works well. I am in love with their styling spray and the taffy is perfect.

I have had thin hair since I was young, so I can’t say that my hair is necessarily thinning, however I will say that the last time I took some photos of the top of my head, (as bloggers sometimes find themselves doing), I did notice that the parts in my hair seemed to be quite large. I am not sure if this is some form of thinning, aging, or what, but I am going to be taking photos of the top of my hair at least once a week as I try this product longer, as this type of hair stimulation product would need more time to work than a week or two. 

Surface Hair Products on Fashion Beyond Forty
Surface Hair Products

I also am becoming more aware of the need for anti aging hair products, so this fits that bill as well. I think that this product may work better in conjunction with its accompanying shampoo and conditioner but I was not sent those products to try. I am also curious to find out how it works in my color treated hair, and I will also update in the future regarding that as well!

Mostly, right here and now, however I am loving the way it is helping my psoriasis. It helps immensely with the itching, scaling, and flaking, also those annoying bumps! I have it mostly along the hairline, on the backside of my head right above my neck. While I am one of the lucky people, as the places I have psoriasis on my body are well hidden, trust me when I say that mine is also in some very delicate places so any relief from this terrible condition is very welcome! 

Now, I will say that while I love the scent, some of you may not. Be aware there is a peppermint aroma, and tingly peppermint feel on the scalp, both are somewhat strong, but that is one of the things that makes it so relieving, and makes it work. With that said, once it soaks into the scalp, the aroma does go away! I had my husband smell my head twenty minutes after application and he did not detect any aroma at all, and he has a good sniffer too! 

If you think this sounds like something that would benefit you please check out Beauty Care Choices to purchase Surface Awaken Therapeutic Treatment.

You can enter for a chance to win your own bottle as well! 

Disclosure: I was provided this product in exchange for this review, however receipt of a free product has not swayed my opinion. 

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