Happiness Is … Home Cooked Meal

There is nothing like a good home cooked meal, except maybe when the kids make it for you! My husband and I sat and allowed the “kids” (young adults) to cook for us and it was wonderful. Not only was it nice to relax while someone else did the cooking, but the food was amazing! 

Happiness Is ... Home Cooked Meals

My daughter recreated a soup she had before from Olive Garden. Of course being a cook she tweaked it to her taste a bit more and my was it good! She also made a basil chicken, again tweaked to her specifications, which is a recipe from Buitoni. 

Both of these recipes are on my Pintrest – the Soup / the Chicken

My daughter does not like tomatoes so she swapped tomatoes for red pepper, which was delicious even though I also love tomatoes. She added mozzarella to the chicken recipe as well. She made one more chance which was to cook each piece in a foil pocket. Parchment paper works too. 

With the soup she reduced the onion, and reduced the amount of sausage a little.

Serve chicken and soup with a side dish or a salad and you have a wonderful meal. 

I was really proud of my daughter’s cooking ability, her boyfriend was a great sous chef as well. The food was simply perfection. It was nice to be cooked for, served, and they even cleaned up! 

So for me, today, Happiness Is … an excellent home cooked meal.

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