Happiness Is … Painting a Room

Ladies, our redecorating continues and as I mentioned in another of my Happiness Is posts, Home Fashion, we are now focusing on my daughter’s bedroom. 
The people who lived here before us had a lot of antique signs hanging on the walls of this room, as they used it as an office. So before we can paint, we had to spackle a lot of holes. That is why you see the lovely cloud formation looking things on the wall. We joked that maybe we should just leave it as is. 

The problem with painting is that now all of my daughters belongings are scattered throughout the rest of the house, as you will see in the photo collage below. Her bed is in the hallway (bottom left), her dresser drawers, bed rails, and most of her clothing is in our family room (middle), her jewelry bars are now on top of my dresser (bottom right), and she is inhabiting another of our bedrooms, which also will eventually be redecorated (upper right). 
Happiness Is Painting a Room Fashion Beyond Forty

Regardless of our mess, I am happy to know that within a few days she will be in her room again, with fresh new paint, ready to start pulling her own sense of style. This will be the first time she has had an “adult” room. In our last home she was still very young when we last decorated for her and had picked out some rather interesting colors of purple, and hot pink. I am looking forward to seeing my daughter’s decorating style develop. She has already purchased a few decor items that I personally love. 

For her walls she picked out a lovely tan color called Ta Ta for Tan, but ironically the paint is from the Disney pint line – specifically the Winnie The Pooh Collectoin! I guess you just can’t keep the kid away entirely haha. That is okay though I do love Winnie The Pooh!

Disney Paint A Room Disney Paint Color Ta Ta For Tan

You can try painting a room with Disney colors yourself

I will admit, I have had some fun with the Disney Room Painter online! in fact I think I have found the color for my own bedroom from the Winnie the Pooh Collection! It is called Deep in the Woods. 

Anyway, this is my today’s Happiness …making progress on the home decor and watching my daughter find her adult style sense. 

Note: I am not affiliated with Disney, Winnie The Pooh, or Walmart. 

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