Happiness Is … Bracelet Bar

I am so thrilled today! My daughter bought for herself many months ago some Jewelry Bars at TJ Maxx and ever since I have been on the lookout for one for myself. The thing about Jewelry Bars is that they seem to be quite eluisve. You can find a lot of them on Amazon but they are either black or white, and not very pretty. The bars my daughter bought are pretty and I really wanted one like hers. 

Today my daughter went out to TJ Maxx and found two more in the store! She grabbed for me. Here is my new beauty:

Jewelry Bar Bracelet Bar Jewelry Organizer T Bar

I may have to run back to TJ Maxx and grab the other one since they seem to come and go and I have no idea when they will have them again, and if I will just happen to go into TJ Maxx when they do. 

The Bracelet Bar was only 7.99 which to me is well worth it considering the black and white ones on Amazon are usually more than that. 

So if you are looking for a pretty Jewelry Bar, run out to your local TJ Maxx and see if they have them! 

Today Happiness Is … my new Jewelry Bar and my daughter, thinking of her Mama! Yay!

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