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Hello Lovelies!

I wanted to share with you some photos of my “wild” New Year Celebration. First of all should I say Happy New YEAR or Happy New YEARS? My mother has a major pet peeve of people saying years when it is singular, which was a topic of conversation while she was over earlier in the evening on New Year Eve. So there is a snapshot into my evening already haha!

First the earlier in the evening events:

New Year Celebration Fashion Beyond Forty Style

Around 6pm my daughter, mother, husband, and myself sat and played a game of Worst Case Scenario. This is a board game my kids dread because my mother has been attempting to get them to sit and play a full game with her since they were little kids. They could never finish one game because someone would get bored, or frustrated with my mother’s obsession with bad things happening to good people, more or less. I had managed to avoid the game entirely until I finally wanted to grant her one wish, of playing this game with her. She was pretty happy. So she brought it over. After about 20 minutes into the game we all realized that the game was so terribly outdated that the game itself was hilarious We had some fun but soon my mother herself decided she did not want to finish and that the game was stupid. This delighted my daughter who never liked the game to begin with. I thought it was funny that the quitter this time was my mother.

My daughter’s boyfriend was working so he sent her a snap chat of him looking festive at work.

New Year Celebration Fashion Beyond Forty Style

A bit later into the evening – quite a bit later actually, my daughter’s boyfriend arrives, finally off work. It has already struck midnight but he has arrived with a game we love, Cards Against Humanity. It is known to be a card game for “terrible” people. I guess we qualify because we really enjoy it! We did have to finish playing an epic battle of Scrabble first which was started before my daughter’s boyfriend showed up, with party hats and noise makers! Yay! 

Oh and if you are curious why my husband is wearing a hat on top of a hat… he never takes his ballcap off so he just stacked it on top of his party hat. 

New Year Celebration Fashion Beyond Forty Style

Clearly my cat, Vino is tired of us being rowdy and he crawled into my lap for the rest of the evneing, leaving me immobile so I was happy to be served by others. Good cat! Here is a rare shot of me in group events, since I am usually the only one snapping photos. My daughter makes the WINNER sign with her fingers since she won the scrabble game. 

From here we all just got completely immersed in our Cards Against Humanity Game, it is terribly engrossing, and sometimes also gross, rude, impolite, politically incorrect, and a lot of fun. I hope my mother gets to play it with us soon! 

So there are some snippets from my New Year(s) Eve … And sharing with you makes me Happy! 

Disclosure: The links in this post are Amazon Affiliate links which means if you buy something from my links I may earn something from it. Also the Cards Against Humanity Game is NOT recommended for younger children, but IS recommended for immature adults! 🙂 

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