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Hi ladies! 

So I have made more progress on my interior design, i.e. Home Fashion. I now have all of the lighting up, curtains hung, and some decor on the wall above the sofa. Up until now everything was just stuff I slapped up there that I had from our previous home. Granted we are only working on our main room, and dining room right now, but next we move onto my daughter’s room for a new paint color, and new curtains. 

I have to say the biggest challenge has been the curtains. They are not cheap if you want decent ones that will last a long time. Also since we have so many windows, choosing a color that works with your design aesthetic is also a challenge when you are not sure what your design aesthetic is! 

Honestly, this is no where near where I wanted to go with things, in fact I wanted a deep turquoise or teal but finding curtains in that color scheme proved difficult and in fact the only curtains I could find in that scheme that were not “grommet hang style”, which I do not care for personally, were extremely expensive, I’m talking over 100.00 per panel. 

So I found these lovelies at JC Penny online. They are pure silk, padded, and lined. They really do a wonderful job of keeping the cold out this winter as well. I have noticed a big difference since we hung then in the heating of our home. These curtains were originally 200.00 per panel but we got them on clearance for 60.00 each and on top of that I was able to get an extra 20% off. 

Interior Decor on a budget curtains, lighting, and wall decor

I included a day shot and night shot. You can see that the curtains allow only a little light filtering to come through which is nice for privacy, and since we have huge windows this is nice to have when desired. 
The final light fixture that is over our buffet, which currently holds our fish tank until the fish go back outside in summer, is hung and adds a lovely luxe look to the room. I feel everything is complimentary. 
In the living space we hung some decor. I admit I did not go all out here in spending, although it was not a small chunk for our budget. We shopped at Target. I have not shopped there since my daughter went to live in her first dorm room a year and a half ago! I was shocked at all the goods they had to offer! Love Target! 
I found some funky, fun decor that I feel brings my mixed design personality together somewhat. A wood look round mirror, some sputnik style doodads, and a wicker basket my husband cut to make a shelf out of, topped with of all things some clearance Christmas decor that I personally love year round. I know that may be a long shot for most of you to understand, and that is okay, it is a little “out there” but the gold tree, which you will see more close up in the photo collage below, has this architectural appeal to it while still being a tree, and “natural”. 
You see, I have so many styles I adore, from modern, to seaside, to boho, and so on. I have a very difficult time deciding which direction to go. I am like a kid in a design store, such as Pier 1 for example. I go nuts and can’t focus on any one look! What is a person to do? 
What I really wanted was a cross between a lodge look, but something more luxe like a renaissance design that evoked a feeling of Kings and Queens castle, yet at the same time I had a desire for something that looked like a pirate ship’s captains quarters, with a little edge of gypsy, and an air of glitz, but overall I wanted things to feel organic, and natural. Wow that isn’t too much to ask for is it? 
Then you have me, with absolutely no design talent! So I pulled one the one thing I have a little of, fashion sense. I hope that it saved me to some degree. What do you think? 
Here are the photos of my above sofa wall hangings, along with one shot of a corner which is yet to be tied into our theme entirely, but I am working on it. 
Interior Decor on a budget curtains, lighting, and wall decor
Some simple glitz with the tree and vase, which I plan to put something in, the sputnik “things”, and the mirror which perfectly reflects a victorian chair, a vintage plaster wall hanging, and one of our new light fixtures. Upper right photo is of the corner I am working on. For now it holds another golden tree, and of course a photo of my kiddos, and a candle. 
We are expecting the delivery any day now of a window scarf that matches our other Palmetto Red curtains. The nice shade will remain. 
So next we are on to my daughter’s bedroom. She seriously needs a new coat of paint and the previous owners had an office in her room, and they collected vintage signs. There are so many nail holes, some quite large that need spackled before we can paint. Also, and not that the former owners were dirty, because they were not, in fact very lovely older couple, but the paint is old, and just looks dingy. We are going from a very pale blue to a light blonde tan color by Disney called Ta Ta For Tan, haha, my daughter went to pick out paint and came back with two gallons of this. I thought it was cute that she ended up with a Disney color since she just turned 20 years old but hey it is a really nice color! 
She also needs new curtains but in her room she has the old style of curtain that hangs from metal hooks on the back, and you can open and shut the curtains with a pulley like string system. Sorry I am sure there is a technical word for this but I do not know it. Regardless I am finding this style of curtain nearly impossible to find. She does not need this type, we can go to a back tab style or whatever but I do like the convenience of the pulley style open and close. If you know where to find them would you please let me know in the comments? Thank you! It would help a ton! 
So what do you think of my design aesthetic? Is it too clustered? Too odd? Is there a better way I can “pull it together”? Please let me know before I go off and buy the portal mirror I am considering for above the shelf in the corner! 

I know sometimes one just has to stop the madness, but I think it is so cute! 

Okay so that is it today for my home fashion but for me, Happiness Is … getting my home fashion together!

I love comments! Please join in discussion, ask questions, or leave tips for other readers. Comments truly are the driving force behind any blog as it helps the blogger to know what you, the reader want to see more of!

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