Happiness Is … An Afternoon At The Flea Market

Yesterday we spent an afternoon at the flea market. We went to pick up a dresser my daughter found there that she wants to redesign. Boyles Joyland Flea Market has been around for decades, it is absolutely huge ladies! Before Boyles opened their flea market they ran a small amusement park in town, one I visited often as a child. When that closed, they opened the flea market and boy did they go big! It is easy to lose track of time in this place. 

We picked up my daughter’s dresser, as well as another small table for her room, but here are some photos I took while we were there. 

Boyles Joyland Flea Market Topeka Kansas - Best Flea Market

The flea market starts outside, with tons of yard art, lawn furniture, lawn mowers, and the like. These items stretch from one side of the building to the next. In fact, the market actually begins further up, in the parking lot, where they have several spotlights, signs, and other business apparatus for sale. 

Vintage Barbies, some modern as well, art glass, hot wheels which I love, and some of the best Tonka trucks I have seen since I was a small child, yes the heavy metal kind! 

Boyles Joyland Flea Market Topeka Kansas - Best Flea Market

When you first walk in you walk into a mix of a tropical garden like scene but if you look up there are disco balls, interestingly the disco balls are not for sale! Check out this one hundred and fifty four year old plant! The birds (lower center) are real, store pets, also not for sale. 

Boyles Joyland Flea Market Topeka Kansas - Best Flea Market

Isles and isles, around 60,000 square feet (my husband’s estimate) of “stuff”. Stuff ranging from tools, to glassware, to vintage art, to china…just stuff, as any flea market has. One would imagine they have absolutely everything, and they almost do, however the one strange item I asked for, they did not have one of – a ship portal mirror. My hunt continues.

Boyles Joyland Flea Market Topeka Kansas - Best Flea Market

The “stuff” is from floor to ceiling, some items even hanging from the ceiling! I showed my daughter this antique iron on the lower left, it was sure heavy! I really loved this vintage wash basin on the lower right right. It is easy to lose each other in this place because the isles wind around like a maze, and some of the shelves are higher making it hard to see over them to find your group.

Boyles Joyland Flea Market Topeka Kansas - Best Flea Market

If you are an album collector this is the place for you, or if you are into vintage toys, again, this is your kind of place. I am not so into the animal pelts by any means, but yup they have those too! There are also antique model planes hanging from the ceiling all over the market, with American flags accompanying them.

Boyles Joyland Flea Market Topeka Kansas - Best Flea Market

Truly a hoarders dream, or a minimalists nightmare, I found a few things I love … this antique stove, very pretty, and I would love to have one, but would surely hate to have to use it. On the lower left this golden gilded clock and candelabra set is stunning. Right side, don’t know the formal name for this thing, it probably holds liquor, and a matching glass basket. Not even sure what I would use them for but they are pretty! 

Boyles Joyland Flea Market Topeka Kansas - Best Flea Market

Yes, indeed, they do have it all … even a Walmart!! Who would have thought? I really wish we could have stayed longer, but my blood sugar was getting low, and we were all hungry, so we paid, and took our leave. We do need to go back again soon though, its only about a half hour from home. What fun! 

So today, for me, happiness is, riffling through other people’s junk, finding treasure, at Boyles Joyland Flea Market. 

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