Fashion Haul – TJ Maxx

Ladies you know I love a good TJ Maxx shopping trip! My latest trip really didn’t end up being a mega haul but I love what I picked up! 

TJ Maxx Mini Haul Fashion Beyond Forty

My daughter found the sweater dress but put it back on the rack so I snagged it up and bought it. She also told me of a great sale on leggings she had seen there the last time we visited, so we each grabbed up a couple of pair. I got some with pretty snowflakes on them since I did not have any printed leggings. I did not get them to wear with the dress, but Chinese Laundry for 8.00 a piece is a great deal. 
Below are the photos of me wearing the dress. This would be the first time my mother has taken photos of me for my blog. We had some good fun doing a mini photo shoot while my regular photographer, my husband, hung some new curtains for her at her place.
TJ Maxx Sweater Dress by Romeo & Juliet, Antique Glass Bead Necklace, Janska Sophia Jacket, Colour Works Cardigan from Stitchfix
I styled this fun dress with an antique glass bead necklace that belonged to my great grandmother, tall black boots, and a really nice cardigan from my last Stitchfix shipment. The cardigan has a very cute buckle feature in the front and a lovely design that gives it a swing when you walk. This was my favorite item in my last fix. Since it is stupid cold outside in our area, I am also showing the outfit with a cute jacket from Janska, called the Sophia. While maybe only a jacket, and it feels very light when you wear it, it keeps me very cosy and warm, even in 8 degree or colder weather! 
I also am wearing Adia K. Wonderland Earrings from LeTote
I will continue to have some fun with this inexpensive dress the rest of the season and see what other ways I can style it and I hope it lasts many more seasons to come. It was not very expensive to begin with so I am quite happy with what I paid but I will have to be careful as there is no room to spare since I could only get it in a medium and I generally wear a large. Also it is a fine knit so it could easily snag. I will be delicate with it and hope it lasts awhile. 
I have not tired on my Chinese Laundry tights yet but my daughter told me they run small. 
If you like any of the other items be sure to check them out at the links provided.
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