KMS Quick Dry Demo, Review, and Giveaway

Hi Ladies!

I was given a product called KMS Quick Dry to review. You will also find a drawing offered below as well.

I had never used a quick dry product before, and if they had been used on me in a salon I was not aware of it. I was concerned with my hair type that I would end up with heavy greasy hair but you will see in the follow photos, and video, that the result was far from weighed down or greasy!

I am loving this product and more than happy to tell you all about it.

KMS Quick Dry Spray can be purchased through Beauty Care Choices

Here is what Beauty Care Choices has to say about KMS Quick Dry Spray.

KMS Quick Dry really does speed up drying time, cutting about 1/2 the time off. It also protects hair from the heat. 

There are two parts to the formula, so shake well before spritzing. Upper part is instant conditioning, lower phase is the quick drying formula.

Towel dry hair, spritz hair lightly, and dry. You will be amazed!

I can tell you that I was amazed! Not only was my hair protected from heat, and I always use a heat protectant when blow drying my hair, but it looked amazing after! 

Check out my photos:

KMS Quick Dry Demo, Review, and Giveaway
I love the way my hair looked and felt after use KMS Quick Dry Spray!

Also I made a video of myself using the product:

I am super happy with the results and happy I had a chance to try this product out! Now you have a chance to win a 2.5 ounce retail size of KMS Quick Dry for yourself. Just enter below!

KMS Quick Dry Demo, Review, and Giveaway
KMS Quick Dry Spray

Disclosure: I received this product free for review, but clearly I love it. 

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