Big Slice Apples Do Something Good For Your Body!

Disclosure: I was sent product free for review, but I sought out this company because I wanted to do a review after learning about them. I highly recommend this product.

Hello Ladies, 
My daughter and I are both Type 1 Diabetics. With being diabetic come a lot of issues with blood sugars. No matter how well you try to manage them, diet, exercise, a common cold, stress, and other factors all weigh in on staying healthy and keeping blood glucose level. Sometimes we do have low blood sugars, and need a quick snack. We also always need to carry those quick snacks in our purses! Problem is, what to carry! For years we have resorted to cereal bars, but honestly, we get tried of those after awhile, even with so many options. 

Big Slice Apples Perfect for Diabetics - A Review

When we discovered Big Slice Apples it was like a dream come true! Not only are they easy to toss in your bag and take on the go anywhere without becoming crushed, or broken into bits and pieces, they are healthy and taste amazing! They also have many flavor options. The carbohydrates run right where we need them for a pick me up, and in addition, they make a very healthy and tasty snack even when our blood sugars are in good control. You see, diabetics need to watch their carb intake, and having a snack should be healthy but the fact is it does not matter if we have a candy bar or a cookie if the carbs are at the same level as a supposed healthier snack. In fact many sugar free items on the market have just as many carbs as their non sugar free counterparts. This is why knowing how to read a nutrition label is key. Regardless, I have read the label on Big Slice Apple packages, I have done my homework, they are also GMO free if that is a concern for you, as well as gluten and fat free. They also are mostly all under 100 calories with a couple exceptions depending on the flavor you select. Plus, lets face it, we want yummy snacks right!? Well with Big Slice Apples we don’t feel as if we are missing out on yummy treats, yet we are still eating something healthy AND something that is within a healthy carb range for a snack! Its a total win-win! 

In addition to all the goodness right out of the package, you can also add the apples to other goodies like steel cut oats, or on top of greek yogurt. 
Oh and ladies, these are sliced apples! This is not baby food, or some mushed up apple “sauce”, these are actually plump juicy delicious apples, natural goodness! 

Okay incoming confession… when we first got a package of Big Slice Apples, prior to being sent these for a review, I was hesitant. I actually had my daughter try them first. I am a little picky when it comes to food, and I could never, ever stand the consistency of some foods. I am maybe one of the only mothers I know who never tried baby food when their children were little. Yuck! Regardless once I saw these plump, juicy apple SLICES, I had to try them and felt instantly foolish for being so scared of them. 

Another cool thing I learned while researching about Big Slice Apples is that they are made in my state of Kansas. Is it wrong of me to feel some pride in that? There is also a cute story that goes along with the Big Slice legacy. This product was produced by a Grandson trying to replicate his Grandmother’s recipe. That is so sweet, just like these apples! Sweet, but in a healthy way, not in a processed surgery goop sort of way. 

Oh and did I mention that they are kettle cooked? What is it about hearing Kettle Cooked that makes us want things more? 

The packages are shelf stable, 4.5 ounce packaging that does not need refrigerated, which is how we can toss them into our bags and go. 

Each package is also labeled with the attributes of the ingredients such as “energy” or “revive” or my favorite, “decedent”. 

As if all this is not good enough Big Slice Apples has a foundation called Sparkle:

The Sparkle Foundation Big Slice Apples

Now this is a company that I am proud to buy products from. 

Use Big Slice Apple’s Store Locater to find a place near you to purchase. 

Big Slice Apples Gluten Free

 Big Slice Apples GMO Free

Note: Pineapple Passion Fruit and Fiber Excluded from GMO free.

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