Bella & Bear “The Kitten” Makeup Brush Set Review

Disclosure: I received The Kitten to facilitate my review.

This make up brush set from Bella and Bear called The Kitten sure is pretty, and makes your face feel as if you are applying your makeup with the soft downy fur of a kitten but the way you feel when you open this deluxe set is more like the roar of a giant glorious tiger! Seriously ladies, when I received this set in exchange for a review I was excited sure, as I needed a new makeup brush set, but when I saw the immense size of this kit, I was in awe! 

I have reviewed items from Bella and Bear before, and in fact I love this brand, the products, and the customer service. So much so that they earned a spot in my short cut links cloud on my sidebar, and not everyone earns one of those! 

I also love the packaging that Bella & Bear gives us. What woman, regardless of age doesn’t love bright pretty colors? 

Bella and Bear The Kitten Makeup Brush Set Review

In fact the colors and style of packaging bring back the innocence of youth, the simple pleasures and joys in getting something that truly, for a woman, is quite utilitarian. Also I love that the packaging encourages us to recycle, something I am a huge advocate of. Also you will notice that they literally invite you to contact them about their products! I have nothing but good things to say about Bella & Bear customer service. 

As I was saying earlier, when I got the package, opened it up, and pulled out the boxed kit, I was amazed at the size. I had no idea I was receiving the equivalent of gold when it came to a brush set! It is huge! Don’t let that dissuade you however if you like things in tiny little packages because you can remove your favorite brushes and carry them in a smaller bag if you wish to. Since I never take my main brushes out of my house, I love the handy, and quite sturdy case provided which keeps everything neatly organized. 

Also the set includes a full color fold out guide on how to use each brush.

Bella and Bear The Kitten Brush Set Brush Guide Insert

Bella and Bear The Kitten Brush Set Brush Guide Insert

I admit – I need this guide! I make use of all of my brushes but sometimes I do wonder what they were intended for. I make no excuses for not knowing more about such things, I did not grow up learning about makeup or how to apply it properly, so over time I have adapted my own way of doing things. It is still nice to learn more about application, and the tools. I also love the tips on the back of the insert! Also – note that Bella & Bear has a membership club where you can get 25% off your next purchase! Love this bonus! 

Now, let’s look at the kit! 

Bella and Bear The Kitten Brush Set Brush Guide Insert

When you open your kit you flip through it like pages in a book! You get four pages of awesome brushes, I can’t think of one single brush they have not included that you would need! 

Now if you are still not sure just how big this set is – check out this photo where I show you the case in comparison to a regular size teaspoon. 

Bella and Bear The Kitten Brush Set Brush Fashion Beyond Forty

Bella & Bear did not forget to include pretty touches either, such as this lovely heart zipper pull.

The brushes are plush and full, and soft on the skin. 

Bella and Bear Pretty Accents and Plush Brushes

Check out The Kitten Make Up Brush Set From Bella & Bear on Amazon!  

If you find that these brushes are not currently in stock please add them to your wish-list as they WILL be available again soon! These brushes have been very popular and so when you see them come available grab them up fast! I am waiting myself as I want to get a set for my daughter. 
Hint: if you join the Bella & Bear Membership Panel you will get a nice discount! 
Some info From Bella & Bear:

PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP BRUSHES AT A GREAT PRICE-Our Makeup Brushes are made from the highest quality combination of Goat, Synthetic and Horse Hair.

FULL COLOUR GUIDE FOR BRUSH USE AND CARE- We want you to know the ideal use for each brush and we also want you to be able to care for your Makeup Brushes as best as possible.

ELEGANT HARD CASE EMBOSSED WITH OUR LOGO- Make sure your makeup brush set stays protected and well cared for with our hard brush case. Perfect for travelling and storage.

A MAKEUP BRUSH KIT PERFECT FOR- powders and liquids and suitable for all areas of your face. Everything you need to apply makeup professionally.

LEARN ABOUT THE WORLD’S ENDANGERED BIG CATS- We donate a percentage of our earnings to the protection of the big cats around the world and love sharing our passion for this with others!


Visit their website today at Bella & Bear Their Facebook 

Now, if you are interested in the story behind Bella & Bear read on:

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