Janska Sophia Jacket and Fleece Cloche Hat

Last Saturday I showed you my Janska NonSkid MocSock Booties, and told about my epic drawing win. If you missed my post on that please go check it out because the Janska MocSocks are the absolute perfect gift for just about anyone on your Christmas list! 

Today I am showing you the rest of what I won in the drawing, and discussing my feelings about Janska products.


The drawing, held by Shelley over at Still Blond After All These Years allowed me to select my own items, up to $199.00 in retail value, so you can understand why I was so excited! That is a lot of retail value there! The prices on the items are not bad at all either, so I was able to get a lot of stuff!

The other two items I selected are the Janska Fleece Cloche Hat and the Janska Sophia Jacket.

The items are fleece so they are not entirely too heavy but let me tell you they do keep you warm! We have very cold weather here in Kansas and I have worn this jacket out and about on two very cold nights already and it has keep me so cozy! These items are so fashionable, and even a little funky they are. I mean that in a good way! What is the point of fashion if we don’t allow ourselves to have a little fun, step out of our comfort zone and embrace something new and different?

Women our age already are plagued with the issue of “Can I pull this off?” usually around fashion becoming too young for us, or not feeling we look young enough to wear something. When I got the Janska items I will tell you that my first impression was is this too old for me? The truth is, this is my fashion age, and what I do with it, how I style it, is what makes it me. Now, I am in love with my Janska jacket and hat! I was able to pull out all of my pins and select one to put on the hat which has opened up a whole world of styling options for me. Many of these pins had belonged to my great grandmother, grandmother, and her twin sister, my aunt. I also have always been a “hat person” so I am feeling this fashion more and more after my photo shoot with my hubby.

Let me share with you some photos:

Keeping it young and fun with some maroon booties, and edgy jewelry! Now as if this jacket is not cute enough as is, guess what… it’s reversible! 

Janska Reversible Sophia Jacket and Fleece Cloche Hat Fashion Beyond Forty
Which Way Is Your Favorite? 

Can you believe how adorable these items are? I also love the subtle grey edging showing lightly on the black side of the jacket, and the black edging on the grey side. 

Janska Sophia Jacket and Fleece Cloche Hat
Hat Pin Not Included 

In my post about the MocSocks I told you more about Janska as a company but today I want to introduce you to Jan herself! 

Jan of Janska Clothing

When I founded Janska in 2003 my dream was to make clothing that’s both comforting and beautiful.

Isn’t she just the prettiest woman! She just beams with joy from the inside out, which draws me in and makes me want to buy her clothing! I also absolutely love the color of the coat she is wearing in her photo! 

Here is more about Jan and her mission:

Meet Jan

I’m delighted you’ve come to visit. When I founded Janska in 2003 my dream was to make clothing that’s both comforting and beautiful.
People don’t normally associate fleece with style and year-round comfort, but we dare to challenge that view. Fleece is fashionable. Our clothing doesn’t just keep you warm during the winter months. It’s also light, breathable, and gorgeous during warm times of year.
We work hard to ensure that all of our materials are designed and manufactured in the U.S. Each fabric we use is hand-selected to ensure the highest quality. It’s durable, washable, and beautiful, year after year.
Thank you for sharing my story. I hope that our products bring you and yours great comfort.
If you have questions or comments about Janska, or if you’d like to share your story, I invite you to contact me directly at jan2@janska.com.


jan erickson, janska signature
Okay I am done stealing information from her website but I just wanted you all to know what a good person is behind this product. I feel it is good when we shop small, it is also good when we buy product that is not outsourced. 

The Sophia jacket comes in to other color variations, all which are reversible. 
Sophia Reversible Jacket from Janska
Shown Here in Paprika
Janska has free shipping until December 12th and during the holidays that free shipping discount can help a lot! Check them out and don’t forget to add a few pair of the MocSocks which by the way I am loving more and more each day! They just feel like a second skin! A very cozy, and warm second skin.
Learn more about Janska by watching the video linked below:

Janska Clothing Made in the USA
Made in the USA

One last note of importance … as I am typing up this article I received an email from Still Blonde After All These Years. I subscribe to the blog updates. Guess what!? Shelley is having another Janska Giveaway right now so please go check out her blog and enter the giveaway but don’t hesitate on placing your orders for the holidays now. Just consider the giveaway all for YOU! We all deserve to treat ourselves.

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