Happiness Is … Nail Polish to the Rescue

Never let your husband tell you that you have too many, or enough nail polishes! Today my husband and I were putting up some new wall hangings that he bought me for Christmas and there was a nail in the wall already. When we took that nail out it left a big white ugly gnash in the wall. While we knew the wall hanging would cover it we still wanted to fill it in somewhat so what happened next? I went and got my giant bag of nail polishes and found two that were a close match, mixed them, and came up with the perfect solution!
Nail Polish DIY Saves The Day! Fill in Hole in the wall with nail polish Fashion Beyond Forty
Nail Polish Saves the Day – DIY 
Now granted, if it were up to my husband he would have put Kilz or something on the wall to totally cover the hole smoothly but I am not so particular, especially when the hole is going to be covered anyway. I wish I had got a before photo, but it was not until after it was all done that my husband said I should do a blog post about this so other husbands can know that having a lot of nail polishes does make sense! Now there is practicle proof ladies! Be sure you keep this post in mind should you ever need to defend your nail polish addiction, I mean collection! 

Cool Wall Hangings Fashion Beyond Forty
Cool Wall Hangings
To be totally honest, as I was going down the hallway to get my giant nail polish bag, I had a huge smile on my face knowing that I was going to “save the day” with of all things, nail polish! 
Here are the wall hangings up on the wall. 
So for me today, happiness is, sweet validation! 

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