Happiness Is … My Daughter’s Birthday

My daughter turned 20 on Sunday the 21st of December. She is my youngest and always my little girl but this year she got gifts fit for a true lady! 

Our family all went in on one major gift – a morganite and diamond ring set in 14k gold with good quality diamonds. I wanted the ring to symbolize her leaving her teens and entering her adulthood so only a quality ring would do. In order to really surprise her the ring was “hidden” in the pocket of a blush pink Michael Kors coat that I was able to get at an amazing price! 

Below are some photos of her gift and our spread for her small party. You will notice that I wrapped her gift in packaging paper, and wrote on the paper “Don’t judge a gift by its wrapper”. 

My husband put 20 candles plus the 2 and 0 on the cake, I think he is a pyromaniac! 

Birthday Surprise Michael Kors Coat with Morganite and Diamond Ring 14k Rose Gold hidden in pocket!
Birthday Celebration – Michael Kors Coat

My daughter’s boyfriend brought her roses which made a lovely centerpiece! The Michael Kors coat is a very faint pink shade even lighter than a blush pink perhaps. It has a shawl wrap collar and my daughter loved the “old fashion” style of it. Of course she found the ring box in the pocket which was no shock since I sort of let the surprise slip just the night before. I didn’t mean to but sometimes I get caught up talking and things slip. She didn’t know anything about the ring, that it was her favorite stone, had diamonds, or the buckle design, basically I only let the word ring slip in passive conversation. Regardless I don’t think I ruined the true surprise because the ring is stunning! 

Morganite and Diamond Buckle Ring in 14k Rose Gold
Bring on the Bling! Morganite and Diamond in 14k Rose Gold

My daughter is so sweet, has been though a lot, and so deserving of these wonderful gifts. She does not think she is which makes her even more deserving! 

I am thankful for our family, who all went in to make her birthday so very special for her, my mother who bothered the ring salesman until he found the perfect box for the ring, and my daughter for being the perfect child, even when she does not realize it. 

Today, for me, Happiness Is … having an amazing daughter who I can wish a very very Happy 20th Birthday! 

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