Glossybox December Holiday Box 2014 Review

I received my December Glossybox just the day before Christmas and what a treat it was to receive! I love the packaging, and the products! Just as I loved my Glossybox last month, I am still in love with this subscription service. 

At 21.00 monthly so far I have to say this box has the best value for the buck. Let’s take a look at what I got for December:

December 2014 Glossybox on Fashion Beyond Forty

Glossybox has some of the prettiest packaging and curation in subscription box services. While other subscription boxes I have received do have fun, stylish, and fashionable packaging, Glossybox does not miss one small detail. From the ribbon which ties up all of the goodies perfectly, to the stickers sealing the tissue, and outer bow on the box, to the filler paper inside, Glossybox makes you feel important, special, regal even from the get go! Knowing that they have made such a statement from the outside, one would expect to find great things on the inside, and so far Glossybox has not failed. 

December 2014 Glossybox on Fashion Beyond Forty
The fold out that shoes the items, information, and pricing inside when you first unwrap the tissue is also perfect. This is a full sized, full color three way fold out with one product on each section that describes what it is, what it costs, and what the benefits are. Yes other boxes have this information but not all of them have such pretty presentation. I like pretty, obviously, which is why I subscribe to beauty boxes, so I want my boxes, and everything in it to be pretty too. 

December 2014 Glossybox on Fashion Beyond Forty
Then for the reveal – taking out the fold out and putting it aside I get to dig through the shredded paper, as if a child would dig through their Easter basket looking for all of the candy! What fun. This month’s items were all things I have never tired, and a few I have heard a lot about and wanted to try such as Ciate nail polish. My daughter had never had a chance to try it either so we were both happy to see it in the box, plus the color is outstanding! A shimmering, glittery teal color! Sorry, I got ahead of myself, first we have to check out Rituals Miracle Scrub! 
Ladies if you suffer from dry skin on your hands you have to try this! Personally I feel it leaves the hands a little over moisturized, slightly on the greasy side but listen, I used it, my hands felt amazing, but slightly greasy so my daughter suggested washing my hands again with our regular hand wash soap. I thought it a little odd but gave it a try, and guess what … my hands were no longer greasy but still amazingly extra soft. So in my opinion Rituals Miracle Scrub is for people with extremely dry skin on their hands who need protection through multiple washes. If you know someone in the medial industry who has to wash their hands or use drying antibacterial gel or soap many times a day – this is what they need! 
Now I want to go back a moment, I really don’t feel that it is greasy, its not like dipping your hands in cool bacon grease greasy, but it does coat the skin with quite a thick layer of something sort of like paraffin wax. I am not saying it has paraffin wax in it, just that it felt like that somewhat. Anyway, as I said if I had super dry hands I would totally love this but instead I am going to try using it on my feet! That is where I need something like this.  

December 2014 Glossybox on Fashion Beyond Forty
I have not tried the leave in conditioner yet as since it has been holidays and we have been extra busy I have just forgot to use it when getting the time to shower! I am anxious to see how it stands up to two other similar products I use. 
The Nuxe Masque is another item I have not yet taken the time to enjoy because I want to really be able to see if there has been a difference in my skin and right now has not been the best time for that. 

December 2014 Glossybox on Fashion Beyond Forty

Now these two gems are so wonderful! My daughter used the Ciate Nail Polish and loved it and while I still have this oh so pretty perfectly pinkish red lip color, I am giving it to my daughter because I know she really loved it when I opened it. She loves vibrant pinks and this leans a little more toward red than she currently has in her makeup collection so I think it is the perfect lead in to red for her without being too red. Also I find this lipstick by Bellapierre Cosmetics to be a bit thin for my liking. Now don’t get me wrong, this lipstick has amazing color, excellent pigmentation, and great lasting power! I just prefer something that goes on a bit thicker and creamier and this is very thin and light which I think I would appreciate more in the summer perhaps. It is interesting and I do plan to wear it again because I have never tried a lip color like this. It is definitely not a gloss, and it covers your lips in an amazing pop of color but it just feels like it is not even there and to be honest, while I was wearing it, I totally forgot I had it on and got it all over a sleeve of my shirt because being an idiot I wiped my mouth on my sleeve, yes that was not very lady like was it but hey I have to be honest in order to express just how barely there this lipstick feels! So if you like that feeling on your lips then this is for you! 

So there you have it ladies, my December 2014 Glossybox! I love it! What do you think? I am excited by some new to me brands such as the Bellapierre Cosmetics lipstick and very excited to finally get to try Ciate for myself once all the holiday clean up is over. Right now my nails are horrible and I need to get back into my nail care routine! I am looking forward to doing so with Ciate which I have wanted to try for ages now.  

Grab Glossybox for yourself here. I can’t wait to see what the New Year’s box will bring! 

Disclosure: Referral links are used in this post. If you order a Glossybox I will get Glossydots in their points system to use toward paying for one free month for myself. Thank you! 

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