Fashion and Beauty Basket Gift For The Holidays

Fashion and Beauty Basket Gift For The Holidays

Personally, I love getting gift baskets! I enjoy it when someone hands me a basket filled with goodies that they either think resonate with me, or even if they are things that personally resonated with them. It either gives me insight into their likes and taste, or shows me what they think my likes and tastes are. 

The problem with gift baskets is that sometimes they can take on a life of their own. First you have to find a decent basket, one that is sturdy enough to hold the gifts. Sometimes you can find these at a dollar store and they are sturdy enough. Other times, these dollar baskets just won’t cut it. You can try seeking them out in second hand stores – I have found quite a few great baskets this way. Or of course you can buy them new as well. 
Fashion Beyond Forty Holiday Gift Basket Options
A Tisket A Tasket A Regular Ol Basket
Once you have your sturdy basket you have to decide on a theme but we are focused on Fashion and Beauty baskets today. The nice thing about fashion and beauty baskets is they need not be as sturdy as a basket that may be holding foodie items, cans, jars, etc. so we are in luck!
Now what to put in it? Here is a list of great ideas for your fashion and beauty gift basket:
A scarf: Scarves are a great idea and can be found ranging in prices from merely 1.00 (I found ton of decent scarves on clearance at a dollar each) up to over 100.00 so it really depends on your budget for your basket overall but everyone can always use a scarf. Consider who you are giving to and if they would make more use of a winter scarf or a pretty fashionable scarf. 
Gloves: Again considering your giving to, you may want to get them some nice leather or faux leather gloves, or mittens for the younger girls, fingerless gloves, or even perhaps some gloves that work with smart phones! 
3. Nail care items: There are so many options here and all relatively inexpensive as well. Manicure sets are wonderful. I like keeping a set in my purse as well as one in my bathroom, and one in the hallway closet as well as a backup. You can add in nail polishes, nail polish remover, makeup remover pads or cotton balls, top coat, nail wrap colors and so on. 
4. Jewelry: A statement necklace or dainty chain is always nice, and you can wrap it up in its own box so it is like getting a gift within a gift! You could opt for a ring, or a bracelet, or earrings. Having that special “big ticket” item that wow’s them and is wrapped in its own little box is priceless, even if it was not all that expensive! I like ordering from T&J Designs personally. 
Fashion Beyond Forty Holiday Gift Basket Options
T&J Designs Statement Necklace
5. Hair care and accessories: Add in a nice brush, comb, hair ties, barrettes, or headbands. You can also include some Argan oil, or some type of hair product depending on their hair type. If you are not sure which to get try sticking toward the all encompassing items such as headbands if they have shorter hair or hair ties if they have longer hair. You can also include a gift certificate to their hair salon if you know where they get their hair done. 
6. Makeup Items: This is where you can have a lot of fun! Makeup remover is something every woman can use, as well as makeup removal and application accessories. Sponges, cotton pads, swabs, etc are nice to receive. Personally I can never have enough of the cotton pads or q-tips! You could even get some nice plastic or glass canisters and fill them up with the pads and q-tips, this making for a prettier display of those utilitarian items. Wrap a pretty bow around each canister to make it even more showy! 
Of course makeup itself is lovely to give and to receive and there are so many options but if you are not sure which colors are best for your receiver you can always include a Sephora gift card instead. You could also go with nude and natural tones in makeup such as a nice palette of eyeshadow from Coastal Scents or from the Naked Palette line. 
Fashion Beyond Forty Holiday Gift Basket Options
Coastal Scents Revealed Eyeshadow Palette 
7. Bath and Body Items: Let’s not forget the wonderful array of items you can include for pampering in the shower and bath. Bath beads of course are pretty and I recall getting them often when I was younger, but now we have wonderful shops such as Bath and Body Works or you can always go to a local store and find wonderful bath items. Consider foaming bath and shower gel, lotions, body butters, and sugar scrubs. You can select the perfect scent for anyone on your gift list here, including the men! One thing I always include in a beauty and fashion basket is a bath puff! I love when I get a fresh new bath scrubby! Also while you are there, don’t forget a candle for those relaxing soaks in the tub! 
8. To add a little more fashion to your basket consider one of the many options as a gift subscription to one of the following fashion subscription services:
For the Guys:
For the Ladies:
Now if that is a little too steep for your pocketbook for the men you could include a nice tie, or tie clip and cufflinks, a great looking wallet, as these are fashion accessories for men, or perhaps a new hat, or ball cap. You can also opt for an ugly Christmas sweater if you want to go to the humorous side of things. Men also always love a nice pocket tee, or some good warm undergarments but I always like to include either a robe, or a nice sleepwear item. 
For the women on the less expensive side there are many options but one thing I always like to gift in a beauty and fashion gift basket that speaks to fashion is a nice clutch or new wallet. Often times we ladies end up sticking with one wallet even if we switch out our bag often! This usually results in having a black wallet with a brown tote. Giving them an option is always nice.  
Other inexpensive fashion and beauty ideas for men and women could include: tights or leggings, pretty socks, cozy socks or slippers, eyeglass cases, sunglasses, a watch, key chains, money clips, and coin purses. You can also include bath items such as a nice towel set with bath towel, hand towel, and wash cloth. 
Some more expensive items which you can include would be: A massager, no not the intimate kind, but rather a nice handheld back massager, or even a massaging pad. Makeup Brush Set, a heating pad comes in handy for those of us in our forties and up, even my nineteen year old daughter uses mine sometimes and finds it pampering and relaxing. You could include a more luxury bath towel set, or a foot massager / soaker. There are also feet warmers / massagers as well. These items can be found at a local pharmacy or even at Sharper Image.
Fashion Beyond Forty Holiday Gift Basket Options
A Foot Massager Sounds Like A Great Gift To Me 
A lot of beauty has to do with relaxation and taking care of yourself, so any items in which they can aid in their overall relaxation will work in a beauty and fashion basket. I think sleep masks, herbal sleep pillows, and home fragrance items work fine in this type of basket. 

Be Creative, have fun. I know that many of you are sitting there thinking of some great ideas for a beauty and fashion basket and I am sure many of you who are more creative have wonderful ideas for decorating the basket itself, or maybe even alternative ideas to the basket! Please share your thoughts and ideas with all of us by leaving a comment below. 

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