Easing Your Man Into Fashion Series – Part 1 – Shoes

Ladies do you find it difficult to get the man in your life to up his fashion game? While my husband has always been somewhat into fashion one area in which I had a hard time getting him to adjust was when it came to shoes! In fact my husband was a sneaker wearing man all day every day until I got him into a nice pair of slip on shoes! 

The thing with men is that you have to ease them into fashion. And with fashion, like most anything else, you have to let them think that it is their idea! I know ladies my age know exactly what I am talking about! 
Men like what they are accustomed to and will wear a pair of shoes until them fall apart, or a robe, or pair of jeans for that matter. Few “older” men really care about looking stylish, unless your husband is a business man, or metro, but since “metro” is more recent, men our age generally do not dress too stylish! 

Now look I am not saying there is anything wrong with a man who likes his old comfortable shoes, and not all men need to look like they stepped out of GQ magazine! However, as a woman reading my blog, you are into fashion, so you probably would not mind if your man updated his fashion sense a little. 

So, how do you get your man to get into fashion? I say start with the shoes! The reason for starting with the shoes is we want to work our way up. It is easier to get a man into a comfortable pair of slip ons, or boat shoes than say a stylish pair of designer jeans when they have been wearing their Levi’s since they were kids! Shoes are more versatile and men go for comfort generally speaking. Since slip ons and boat shoes are so comfy it is far easier to get them into wearing them than jeans that they may feel are too restricting! 

Easing Men Into Fashion Series Part 1 Shoes Fashion Beyond Forty
Comfort and Ease – Slip On Style for Men

This post was actually my husband’s idea and so I asked him what advice would he give to women wanting to get their husband into some more stylish shoes. He gave the following tips:

1. Buy the shoes and give them to him! If you ask him “Would you wear these? while showing him pictures of shoes, the answer will most likely be “No!” Don’t ask, just buy the shoes, and then ask him to please try them. Men resist change, but once they have something, they usually will give it a try, because they also hate to see things going to waste! Let him then decide if he likes them or not. 

2. Once you get your man used to wearing a couple different pair shoes, you can then begin to ask him for input on buying more, but instead of asking if he wants a specific pair, give him a color option only! This helps ease him into knowing what he personally likes when it comes to new shoe styles. He will begin to give more input on his own. 

3. Once your man realizes you are buying him shoes wether he requests them or not he will begin to take more interest in picking out his own. He may only look over your shoulder while you online shop, but he may also begin to scout out new styles on his own, feeling more in control, and over time, more knowledgable. 

4. Buy him colorful, fun socks. White sports socks do not go with fashion shoes! Socks are a fun way to get men more stylized and they can have fun wearing different socks with their new shoes. No matter how much your guy likes the shoes, they just won’t look right with white athletic socks. 

5. Stick with the basics in the beginning. Don’t try to get him into suede oxfords yet. Just get him a great pair of boat shoes, or slip ons, think comfort! My first pair of stylish shoes were very close to slippers and I wore them for the sake of comfort, but soon I found myself getting into all types of shoe styles. 

Great advice from my husband, thank you Harry! Trust me my husband as much a “man’s man” as any other guy out there. In fact he runs his own DIY blog about woodworking and tools. There is no reason why any man can’t have a fashionable side too!

So ladies, have you struggled to get your man into fashion? Have you already got him to wear more stylings things? I would love to read your comments below and maybe you have some tips for us too! 

I love comments! Please join in discussion, ask questions, or leave tips for other readers. Comments truly are the driving force behind any blog as it helps the blogger to know what you, the reader want to see more of!

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