Happiness Is … New Shoes

While holiday shopping I could not resist a great deal for myself. I know that is bad right? Well I found a pair of shoes on clearance on Victoria’s Secret, plus they had an extra 20% off discount code, plus I had a rewards card to use so basically they were under fifteen dollars! 

I justified this purchase by the fact that I have no “mules” plus they are a wonderful thing to blog about in a future article! Since I have never owned a pair of mules, I will need to decide upon styling them which will lead me to a post about how I styled my mules. 
Happiness Is New Victoria's Secret Shoes Sale Fashion Beyond Forty

For the record, if you love them too, you can get them now for 29.99 but be sure to check for discount codes! They are currently only available in sizes 6, 7, and 7.5 

The original price on these shoes is 118.99! 

I have not decided on styling yet but I may try with skinny jeans, or skinny black pants. What do you think? What would you wear them with? I would love to hear your ideas and I may be able to pull off some outfits with your styling ideas in an upcoming post! 

So for me today, Happiness Is … New Mules at a price I could not refuse! 

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