Happiness Is … SweetWorks Candy

I was the lucky winner of a drawing for a box of SweetWorks Candy from Sarah over Moose and Tater, you can see her post about how to make an easy Christmas Bark. Granted the holidays may be over, but I can go for some chocolate bark any day! Speaking of bark … so I was so excited and I laid out all the goodies to snap a photo to share with all of you. As I walked away for not more than a minute to get my phone to snap a quick photo I came back and something was mysteriously missing! 

Two chocolate bears, quite big ones, on sticks were gone! I looked around and found foil wrappers and sticks of all places, on the dog pillow with my dog, Glover! One of the sticks was in fact sticking out of his mouth! 

Fashion Beyond Forty Happiness Is The Dog Gets The Prize SweetWorks
The Evidence and the Guilty Party

My sweet adorable dog Glover, had stolen not one, but both chocolate bears on a stick and within a minute somehow unwrapped them, and ate them! Luckily he did not get sick, and I am sure he enjoyed himself! Thankfully I got back in time to save the rest of the prize! I imagine he felt like a pirate dog, pillaging his plunder! At least he didn’t eat the sticks, and don’t worry he did not even so much as get a tummy ache. In fact he wanted all of the candy! Who could be upset with that face? Not me! 

I wanted to thank Sarah over at Moose and Tater for hosting the SweetWorks giveaway and if the candies in the photo above look good to you please check out SweetWorks

So today for me, and Glover, Happiness Is … SweetWorks Candy! 

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