Happiness Is … Elderflower Collins with Bittermilk

Back in September I received a win from a drawing I had entered on another blog Kristen in the Kitchen. I blogged about that here. Finally I have had the chance to try out the Bittermilk Elderflower Collins Mix!

I absolutely love Elderflower and one of my favorite beverages is a sweet elderflower flavor but you can only get it in a speciality store 20 minutes from my home, and it is quite expensive.

The irony of this win for me is that just the month before I had my first elderflower collins when we went out to eat for my son’s 21st birthday and I was in love. Then a month later I had won and received my own elderflower collins mix! It was simply meant to be mine.

Bittermilk Tom Collins Elderflowers & Hops Fashion Beyond Forty

You can use gin or vodka to make your collins, I opted for gin. It is quite yummy and I plan to check out Bittermilk for more mixes in the future.

Once again, a big thank you to Kristen in the Kitchen for hosting a great giveaway.

So for me, today, Happiness Is … a lovely Elderflower Collins!

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