What We Wore, Thanksgiving 2014

Our family will not celebrate Thanksgiving this year, until this Sunday evening. Yet my husband and I both got dressed up, ironically without speaking to each other about it. I guess we both felt a little festive. Even funnier beyond that we both dressed in white! He wore a Gap sweater, and I wore my Victoria’s Secret White Sweater Dress that I showed you all in this Happiness Is post from November 9th.

Victoria's Secret Sweater Dress Fashion Beyond Forty
Victoria’s Secret Sweater Dress Selfies

Victoria's Secret Sweater Dress Fashion Beyond Forty
Victoria’s Secret Sweater Dress

Here is my hubby looking casual in his Gap Sweater. We tried taking a photo of us together but we blended and looked like a giant marshmallow since there was no one to take a photo of us, the whole double selfie thing was not working. My husband is 6 foot 1 and I am 5 foot 3 so standing up for the photo was not working in a selfie. Sitting down, me on his lap, we looked even more awkward!

Fashion Beyond Forty My Husband
My Husband in his Gap Sweater 

Later in the evening my mother called saying she wanted to go get a great deal on a laptop. That meant, early Black Friday shopping, at all places, Walmart.

It was mayhem, but somewhat organized, actually the customers were far more organized than the workers, but they were doing their best, and had to work Thanksgiving evening.

Ultimately we had a good time the three of us, and after we finished our Sunday Thanksgiving dinner shopping at the grocery store next door, that was not crowded at all.

My mom is wearing a super cute coat that I picked up in last winter’s Mod Cloth Secret Surprise Sale. I unfortunately was not able to get in on this year’s Secret Surprise as they sold out far too fast. Regardless, the coat was only 10.00 and what a deal that is! I for the life of me can not figure out where I got the cape by Ya. It may have also been a Secret Surprise but I just can’t recall.

My bag is London Fog which I picked up for a great price at TJ Maxx about four months ago.

Fashion Beyond Forty My Mother and Me
My Mom and Me
Later, my daughter made it back home from her Thanksgiving Dinner with her boyfriend’s family. I had to snap a photo of her in her super cute Priddy by Puella dress from her recent Golden Tote. I am in love with this dress! I think she just looks so super cute, and proper for going to her boyfriends’ families home for Thanksgiving. 
Fashion Beyond Forty Priddy by Puella Dress from Golden Tote
Priddy by Puella Dress from Golden Tote
Her nails also looked fabulous! 
Fashion Beyond Forty Glam Nails
Glam Nails
Ultimately after my daughter was home she took some photos of my husband and myself in our white sweater and sweater dress. 
Fashion Beyond Forty Nicest Photos of Us Since Our Wedding Day!
Nicest Photos of Us Since Our Wedding Day! 
I personally wish I had went down a size in the Victoria’s Secret Sweater Dress. I bought a large thinking their sizes would run small but as I mentioned in my Happiness Is post their clothing runs very true to size, so you need not size up thinking their clothing is made for model type figures. Lesson learned as this dress is wearing me more than I am wearing it. Maybe I can try to shrink it. Either way I got a great deal on the sweater dress in a clearance sale so I like it as is if I can’t shrink it down. 
So that is what we wore, today, for Thanksgiving, even though we won’t celebrate our family Thanksgiving until Sunday. I probably will look rather simple on that day, since I have to cook. 
Even without it being our family celebration we all had a great day, had fun, got a good deal on a laptop, which seems to be a theme in this family, and spent some time together. 
I hope everyone else’s Thanksgiving was lovely too! 

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