Wearing Cat Hair With Flair?

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Warning – this post is a little disturbing, unless you have pets! 

Do you wake up in the morning, put on your clothes, then before you can get out the door for work, or running kids, or grandkids to school, day care, running earrings, etc, you realize you are covered in cat hair? Well if you own a cat, especially either a long hair cat, or more than one cat, you know what I am talking about! Some dogs shed terribly as well.

Most of you probably already know I have a lot of furkids … a lot of them. For me trying to keep my clothes pet hair free has always been a great challenge. Even more so when I want to wear black, and I love wearing black!

I have tried everything. I have even literally wrapped packing tape around my legs, down the back of a coat, all over my butt, to remove the hair. Generally tape works very well, if you want to always be sure to have packing tape on hand, and not run out it before you want to use it for its true intention, to tape up a package! Also, packing tape can get rather expensive if you are using it as a form of daily cat / dog hair removal!

Let me show you what I am talking about – I used a filter in editing of this photo so you could see just how much hair I collected in a short period of time. Without the filter it may have been hard to see in a photo, but trust me, in person everyone can see it!

Wearing Cat Hair With Flair?  Fashion Beyond Forty

See isn’t that just lovely! I even put a pretty boarder around it – after all this is cat hair flair! Oh by the way – the boots are the ones I wrote about recently in the Steals and Deals post.

I am going to tell you and show you what I use and it works. It is so basic, but everyone who has pets should have one. Its just a lint remover, but it reverses with a squeeze of a trigger you just flip it around and that way you can stroke from a different direction. This is important for using left hand, instead of right, which most things are made for. Or helpful if you are trying to get at something from an angle that you would not normally need to. I find this really handy when trying to do sofa cushions.

Wearing Cat Hair With Flair?  Fashion Beyond Forty
Lint Brush

Check out how great it works in this short video:
Last Christmas I bought everyone in my family one of these and they went right into their stockings! I think these make the best holiday stocking stuffers if you have pets in the household. 
Let’s face it, no matter how proud you may be of your little Muffin, or Spot, or Bigley, or whatever sweet or cool name you came up with for your furkid, you need one of these! The fact is wearing cat hair with flair just isn’t a thing.
Speaking of furkids, tell me about yours! What type of furkid(s) do you have and what did you name them? I have many, some are getting older, and some are still going to be with us a long time to come. I love them all but having their fur all over me is a real issue. Do you have any favorite ways to rid your clothing or home of pet hair? Let’s talk! Leave me some comments below please. 

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