Socialbliss Stylebox Review November 2014

I absolutely love Socialbliss Style Box, and while I have not been 100% thrilled with everything I have got in my past boxes, I am sad to say this is my last one. At least until holiday spending is over and I can buy something for myself again.

Even though I have not loved everything I have got, I have to say it is still the one box that I look forward to the most. How can I not love being surprised with a big item, like a handbag, or scarf each month? Add to that accessories, and makeup, and generally things I would not have picked out for myself, well, it is exciting! Granted, when I say I would not pick out for myself, that only means one can get stuck in a rut, not risking it and trying new things. Truth be told, I have loved a lot of the “riskier” items I have received from Socialbliss!

Take this month for instance, I never would have purchased one of these totes with the fringe cuff because honestly, I don’t know if I will use it much, or if I can “pull it off” but I have absolutely had my eye on them! I have thought about getting one, but never “pulled the trigger” but I didn’t have to because Socialbliss keeps us on the cutting edge of style, and fashion, and sends it to us!

Now, from what I understand, due to sneakpeeks which I have stopped peeking at so much until after I get my box, I could have received this clutch in brown or black. I am glad mine came in black I think. Although I would have been happy either way! Why black? Well for me, at age 45 this clutch is in fact pretty cutting edge, or edgy for me personally, so if and when I am going to go for this look, it is going to be wearing black, with my black knee high boots, and my new black vegan leather jacket from James&Co, which I blogged about … James&Co Vegan Faux Leather Jacket.

Here is a photo of the jacket, which I am totally in love with!

Last Items from November's Socialbliss Stylebox Fashion Beyond Forty
What a Great Pairing! 

 Anyway, back to Socialbliss …

Let’s look at some other photos of my unboxing!

Last Items from November's Socialbliss Stylebox Fashion Beyond Forty
Teaser Photo …

Okay that wasn’t fair, I was teasing you, you have already seen the clutch, and a photo of a box, and the mere opening of the lid just won’t do! You need to see more right! Well first let me tell you that this month’s Socialbliss box’s theme is Seventies Flare. Alright I grew up in the 70’s and let me tell you, I am pretty over it but this box didn’t let me down. Funny story, I was talking to my husband just today about the difference between Boho and Hippie fashion. Anyway, I can see a big difference, and thank goodness, I do not want to go back to bell bottoms!

Anyway … more photos!

Last Items from November's Socialbliss Stylebox Fashion Beyond Forty
More from Socialbliss

More photos of that amazing clutch, which by the way is somewhat convertible with a long golden chain! Yay, I love convertibles! The fringe by the way, is a cuff, that you put around your wrist, to allow a way for the bag to hang if you wish, or for security purposes, so if someone tries to take your bag, they will be dragging you along with it. A good thing or a bad thing? You decide.

Then we have a nice lip gloss selection from Mark. I love this palette! Perfect size for the convertible clutch, or any bag to take with you on the go! Great colors in this palette!

Last Items from November's Socialbliss Stylebox Fashion Beyond Forty
Last Items from November’s Socialbliss Stylebox

Love this Bravado Bracelet. The info card does not mention where it is from but it is really nice and totally my style! I love the rhinestone accents.

Then we have a very long and lovely Fierce in Fringe Tassel Necklace from T&J Designs! I have received many statement necklaces from them in the past and have blogged about them. I love T&J Designs and highly recommend them to you! This Tassel Necklace is long and absolutely stunning! I realize my photo does not show this but it is just a chain that you hang over your neck, with no whole loop, thus no closure, which makes it truly unique, and I do love unique. A true conversation piece and a statement necklace like non other I own! I think this is just perfect for the holidays. In love!

Then lastly we have a sweet little Carnelian semi precious stone ring. Sadly, like most rings from Socialbliss – it is too small for my chubby fingers, but I can wear it as a demi ring, or I am sure it will fit my daughter. Carnelian is known to ignite one’s inner power and guide our hopes. Yup, will give to my daughter.

So, what do you think about this month’s Socialbliss? Do you subscribe or think you may want to? I think this will go on my Christmas wish list this year because I am so going to miss getting this box every month. It is one of my all time favorite sub boxes along with Try the World, and Bespoke Post (links to reviews) which are two of my other favorites, even if not fashion related.

Comment below and tell me if you think that the Socialbliss Stylebox is worth 39.95 per month and if you are going to subscribe or if you already do.

I love comments! Please join in discussion, ask questions, or leave tips for other readers. Comments truly are the driving force behind any blog as it helps the blogger to know what you, the reader want to see more of!

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