One Direction Makeup Review and Giveaway

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Another Gift Set for your kids, and grandkids for this coming holiday season! The craze about One Direction is real and to be perfectly honest, they have a new hit on the radio, that I even sing along to, and I am way past fangirl age. With that said here we have the latest kit and I have to admit, it does not look half bad on my forty five year old face even if it is made for the youngins! 

One Direction Makeup Review and Giveaway  Fashion Beyond Forty

About the Product

Created for—and inspired by—fans of the world’s biggest band, this limited-edition beauty collection is fun, bold and a tad mischievous, just like ONE DIRECTION.

5 Limited Edition Tins are available (1 for each band member). Tins include:

Eye Shadows:
Nobody Compares- Metallic silver
Tell Me A Lie- Metallic nude pink
Same Mistakes- Metallic mint
I Would- Smokey brown shimmer
Summer Love- Smokey purple haze
Everything About You- Smokey black shimmer

Eye Pencil:
I Want- True matte black

Lip Gloss:
Loved You First- Bubble gum pink
One Thing- Frosted pink ice
Irresistible- Shimmered pearl
Heart Attack- Creamy rose shine

Lip Gloss Top Coat:
Over Again- Silver glitter sparkle

Nail Varnish:
Stole My Heart- Magenta pink shimmer
Alive- Multi-coloured glitter flakes

These new sets are now available in these stores:
Sears USA
Walmart Canada

I was surprised at how soft these colors were on my skin. Granted I could have applied the eyeshadow more intensely and had more color POP which I am sure the younger girls want, but I wanted to present the product well, and not look like I was trying too hard. 
I loved how the eyeliner went on. 
The lip gloss reminds me of a “mod” look. I used the lightest pink in the tin. I also used the bright pink lip gloss as a blush! It worked perfectly It think.
The eyeshadows applied very well. I used the three shimmery eyeshadows. Now personally, I am not sure how well the six colors work together. I found them a slightly odd mix, but who am I to say what the kids are wearing these days. I suppose they make for a good day / night option, but personally I would prefer my shimmer at night, and my matte colors for day time. Anyone else feel that way? Still this kit is marketed for tweens, and teens, and maybe 20 something’s – I am just passing along the good info for your holiday shopping, as if you have a teen, or tween, chances are they want this! 
Also don’t miss out on a chance to WIN one of these sets One Direction Makeup Giveaway
I would not wait though, you could miss out, as these kits could potentially sell out! 
This is a Sponsored Post Powered By Brandbacker but I really did enjoy my experience with the product.

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