My New Fall Haircolor

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So finally I am on target with the season! It was time to recolor my hair as my greys were beginning to show, even though my husband refuses that I have any grey hair, and says that he can not see one of them, I sure do! So off to the Madison Reed website I went! 

I love Madison Reed, in case you couldn’t tell from my many posts about them but every time I use their hair color kit I fall in love all over again! Seriously, if you are spending tons of money having your hair professionally colored, this is one way to save and still get amazing results. If you are using boxes of color you buy at the store, please stop and check out Madison Reed! 

My New Fall Haircolor Fashion Beyond Forty Madison Reed
The Madison Reed Color Kit Comes With Not One, But Two Sets Of Sturdy Gloves!

The main thing I want to tell you is Madison Reed is not just a good product but it is actually good for your hair! Secondly, it does not have any aroma at all! I remember the days, not too long ago, stinking up my house, my hair, and offending my husband for days with the stinky chemical smell left over from boxed colors. Yuck! 

I go back and forth between brown and red colors, although my hair always naturally pulls red so I always chat with a Madison Reed Colorist online before switching to a different color. I can not express to you how much I love Madison Reed’s Colorists! In fact take a look at one of my chat transcripts with one of them and see for yourself how wonderful they are! I also tend to go back and forty between cool and warm colors, which you also want the advice of a Colorist to help with in order to do it correctly. 

I also only have to color my hair every two to three months because my hair grows painfully slow, and Madison Reed color does not fade! At least not when you use their amazing shampoo and conditioner products! So really all I personally need is to cover my roots every couple of months. To be honest, even if I didn’t need to, I would want to because I love change,  and coloring with Madison Reed happens to be fun, yes fun! I like playing spa and when I color with this brand, that is what it feels like! My hair always feels better after a color with their color kit. 

So here is my newest color, it is called Tuscany Brown – a natural brown with hints of gold. 

My New Fall Haircolor Fashion Beyond Forty Madison Reed
Tuscany Brown Color from Madison Reed

And here is a photo from the Madison Reed website: 
My New Fall Haircolor Fashion Beyond Forty Madison Reed
Tuscany Brown from Madison Reed
What do you think? Pretty close or no? I think the models hair has a bit more gold to it, but I knew I would pull more red than gold, which is odd since I am a natural blond, but around the age of thirty I began to pull red, no matter what I tired. No ideas why! Regardless, in certain light I do see the gold shimmers in my hair and I love it! Also my photo was taken literally the day after coloring, so it had not had a chance to settle yet. Anyway I love my new deeper color for Autumn and Winter. 
I think I have finally narrowed my colors down to two, my favorite for Spring and Summer (Portifino Red), and this (Tuscany Brown) for Fall and Winter, but who knows, by next summer I could be wanting a totally different look. 
My New Fall Haircolor Fashion Beyond Forty Madison Reed
My Spring Summer Color Portofino Red From Madison Reed
What are you favorite colors? Have you tried Madison Reed or do you plan to? I really hope that you will because I absolutely swear by it! It is the only hair color I will use, forever and I can’t say that about many other products, if any! 
Oh and you can also read about their Gift With Purchase program! 

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