LeTote Review JOA Third Dimension Dress

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Alright LeTote I LeTotally love you, and I hate you. You keep sending me items that I want to buy! Why do you do this to me? I am in love with this JOA Third Dimension Sweater Dress!

Ladies, LeTote has some of the best items out there on a rental, or purchase basis when it comes to subscription clothing services. I am in love. Wait I already said that. Fair enough, but loot at it!

JOA Third Dimension Dress from LeTote

Third Dimension Dress



This eye-catching dress features a 3/4 sleeves, a gridded pattern in a striking hue and a pleated skirt.
Brand: JOA
Color: Black/Red
80% Polyester 20% Spandex
Sleeve: 3/4

Bust Waist Hips Length
XS 28″ 24″ NA 32″
S 30″ 26″ NA 32″
M 32″ 28″ NA 33″
L 34″ 30″ NA 34″

Alright I don’t know about the whole 3/4 length sleeves, they were full length on me, and seem to be on the model as well, but whatever, I don’t care, I still love it! Maybe even more with full length sleeves!

Oh and if you think this is only cute on the model, I think it is pretty cute on me too, and I am not 5 foot nine, nor am I small framed like our model:
Model: Hermione
Height Bust Waist Hips
5’9″ 34″ 25″ 34″

Fashion Beyond Forty JOA Third Dimension Dress from LeTote
JOA Third Dimension Dress from LeTote

(Jacket from James&Co)
(Boots from Groupon)

I find this style of dress to be so pretty on curvier figures, even if you are only 5 foot 3 like myself! This dress is member priced at 74.00 USD, regular price 90.00 USD.

LeTote is a rental clothing service first and foremost but you can purchase anything from your rental box that you want to keep. The only reason I stop renting from LeTote is that I want to keep so many of the items that they send me, the items are that good!

You fill your virtual closet with items from their selections, and they will send you anywhere from four to six items at a time, for you to keep for a full month, or longer if you continue your monthly rental service. Monthly rental fee is 49.00 per month. If you happen to purchase an entire box that is shipped to you, you will get another month service for free. If you get referrals you can get credit toward a free month as well.

Now let’s say you get a shipment, wear it for a week and get tired of it, or let’s say you did not like anything in the box at all. Well simply return it when done, and they will speedily ship to you another box of goods! The shipping takes only two business days both ways! That means your closet can keep revolving with fresh new items each month! They do all the dry cleaning! Yay!

You can fill out a style profile as well so if you do not want to get earrings, or necklaces, you can opt out of those items. They will never send you anything that is not in your virtual closet however, so if you picked it out, you will get it, sooner or later!

I am in love with two of my six items this shipment, and I have not even tried the others on yet! YIKES! Look for another review tomorrow of the LeTote RD Style Prep School Sweater, another love!

If you want to try LeTote, and you would be crazy not to, but in a way also crazy to, if you end up wanting to buy it all like me, either way, please use my link so I can get more credits to keep up my LeTote addiction.

Note: My referral link is in this post. I do not get paid using this link but I may get credit toward my personal LeTote monthly fee from your use of it. Thank you.

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