Happiness Is … Goldfish Part Two

Last month I told you about our goldfish, the prefabricated fish pond we inherited when we moved into the new house, and how we had to bring them inside for the winter.

You may have noticed that their tank was a little sparse.

We finally have the tank looking amazing, after a brief issue with ammonia and panic of losing them all. No worries however, we acted quickly and all of the fish are doing well.

Happiness Is ... Goldfish Part Two Fashion Beyond Forty
Yay Happy Goldfish! 

We still call the white one Rosie, the stripped one is of course stripe, the little one is named Brutis, the biggest is Tiny. The newest name we have added is Oscar, for the big one with brown on his back. We are working on names for the rest.

Here is a very short video Starring the Smith Family Fish!

I am very attached to them. It will be hard putting them back outside, but now they know us, some even let us pet them! Yes we can pet some of our fish. How cool is that?! I know they will be happier outside though, and will have far more room. The only issue we may face is if they breed, we will need a larger tank next year! Yikes!

So today, for me, Happiness Is… Happy Goldfish, and that makes me happy too!

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