Happiness Is … Floral Coffee from Hubby

Just today I was thinking to myself “wow, my husband has not brought me flowers in ages.” Don’t get me wrong, my husband does a lot for me, and around the house, but well I was just thinking about it.

Anyway he must have read my mind, because on his way home from work he stopped at my favorite coffee spot and grabbed me some coffee! I had been out of the good stuff for awhile and so I was super happy he did this for me. Not only did he get me some good coffee but he spent a good twenty minutes learning about coffee selection, and what I may like, because he is not a coffee drinker himself.

Now, granted I do love flowers, but this was just as nice, but before this story ends, you must see the flavor notes in this specific coffee …

Happiness Is ... Floral Coffee from Hubby
My Handsome Hubby Presenting Me With My Surprise Coffee

Not even did my husband notice that one of the three flavor notes is of all things, Rose Petal! Now that – you just can not beat with a stick! Not just getting coffee instead of the flowers I was thinking of, but coffee with Rose Petal flavor notes! Yay me! And Yay hubby! Way to go, even though you didn’t know, it is just what was meant to be.

So today, for me, Happiness Is … A great husband, great coffee, and Rose Petals, even if not the kind I imagined.

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