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This will be my last Gwynnie Bee review for a while. Not because I didn’t love my experience with them, because I did! Rather, my trial period has ended and sadly, this will be my last post for a bit. You can find more of my Gwynnie Bee reviews here

Gwynnie Bee is a subscription clothing rental service for women sized 10 to 32 and has a lot of wonderful styles to choose from! You fill up your online closet with their items, and they will send you one up to ten items at a time depending on which subscription you select. Wear the items, then return when you are done with them, or keep them for a low member price. 

However, I fell in love with this last item, the Printed Panel Dress…

Gwynnie Bee Review Fashion Beyond Forty
Printed Panel Dress from Gwynnie Bee

Printed Panel Dress from Gwynnie Bee: An A-line dress with crew neck and short sleeves, allover cheetah print with dark brown paneling at front and back. Shoulder to hem length: 44″ (from size 16). Polish your wear-to-work wardrobe with this sophisticated classic: an A-line dress with an allover cheetah print. Designed by Taylor Dresses, this modern statement piece features a springy matte-knit fabric with lots of lovely stretch. Eye-focusing brown panels at the front and back strategically streamline your figure. Fabric – Polyester / Spandex

Why I loved this dress so much – well first of all polyester is not my favorite fabric but this dress just felt so good on! Maybe it is the spandex blend, but had this dress been even one size smaller I would have had an impossible time returning it! In fact I loved this dress so much I went a little crazy with my personal photos:

Gwynnie Bee Review Fashion Beyond Forty
Yes I went a bit crazy, but I felt amazing in this dress! I love the design, the unique paneling, the print, the flow, the sleeve length, just everything about it was amazing! I wish I  could tell you the member price on this dress but unfortunately my trail subscription ended before I could grab that info from the website. You only get to see the member pricing as long as you are a member. Maybe that is just as well – had it been really inexpensive I may have had to keep it, with the exception of it being a size too large, but I loved it so much I still would have been tempted. 
I know you can’t tell in the photos, but the waist was too large, and thus making the dress pull down due to the weight of the fabric. 
This is the perfect fall and winter dress if you ask me. Not often do I find a dress that I am comfortable just slipping on and heading out the door in! This is the type of dress you could easily lounge around the house in forgetting how dressed up you are! It was more comfy than my sweats, except I felt very pretty in it. 
I am not usually a huge fan of animal prints but this uniquely designed dress with its paneling throughout really makes it my style. I do not often find dresses with such interesting design, but they are exactly the style of dress I am looking for. I love unique necklines, color blocking, mixed patterns and or prints. I think this dress fits that style with its window pane panels mixed with the cheetah print.  

One thing I especially loved about Gwynnie Bee was that while I was receiving three items at a time, they did not ship them all together, and sent the items with their own return bags, so that way I could keep an item I loved longer, returning the not so loved items sooner, which made my turn around on new items super fast! Now granted, I was returning as fast as I could so that I could get more items to review for you, but if I were using this service to actually use and enjoy the items, I would have found being able to return items separately wonderful as many of the clothing subscription services do not offer this. With most, it is return all or none! Actually, come to think of it, I can’t think of any other subscription clothing service that allows you to return just one or two items! So this makes Gwynnie Bee very unique. 

What do you think of this style? Have you tried Gwynnie Bee? Will you be giving them a try in the future? Let me hear about it in the comments below and please check out Gwynnie Bee

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