Bonjour Jolie Review

Bonjour Jolie November Review – Paris Themed Box

Please see my previous reviews on Bonjour Jolie. 
Bonjour Jolie (Jolie, the french spelling of my own name, Joely) means Hello Pretty! What a cute name for a subscription box! This is no ordinary subscription box though! This is box is for that time of the month, a time when we all need a little extra pampering! Being that my reader base is mostly women over 40 some of my readers may no longer need this type of box, but I still do, so I ordered one for myself, and one for my daughter. They also have a first timer’s box for girls just starting out with their monthly. I think that would be a lovely way to be initiated into “womanhood”.  
Each box is designed based on your profile, and sent based on your biological calendar. You get to select the type of feminine product you desire from their selections and then you are sent a whole bunch of other wonderful goodies! The box costs 16.00 per month plus shipping, my box came out to 21.00 a month with the shipping fee. Lets take a look: 

This month’s theme for the box was Paris, and oh what a lovely box it is! 
Fashion Beyond Forty Bonjour Jolie Review
Bonjour Jolie Box Paris

Each month you will get a large colorful card that tells about the items in the box, how much they cost, and where you can get them.

Fashion Beyond Forty Bonjour Jolie Review
Some of the Bonjour Jolie Goodies!

Each box comes with different bags filled with different goodies, from snacks, teas, candies, bath care items, and more. Here you can see the feminine product in the upper right corner, which was the one I personally selected, you may opt for something different if you choose. Three lovely teas from Paris, which I have never tired personally, and I have tried a lot of teas, even from paris! Other treats pictured here are some taffies, and truffles! Not all of the goodies are pictured, and some of them mysteriously disappeared before I took photos, but they were really yummy!

Fashion Beyond Forty Bonjour Jolie Review
LePetit Confectionnerais Truffles – Yum! 

A close up of the Truffles!

Fashion Beyond Forty Bonjour Jolie Review
Black Cherry, Vanilla, and Peach flavored teas from Paris! Organic too! 

I love that the teas are organic, although bagged teas they are very good! I prefer loose leaf myself, but these flavors were excellent!

Fashion Beyond Forty Bonjour Jolie Review
Bonjour Jolie – Bath Salts!

As if the box was not already filled with amazing goodness we also got bath salts this month! You just can’t beat a relaxing lavender scented bath when you need to ease aches and pains, and relax.

Fashion Beyond Forty Bonjour Jolie Review
Lip Balm, Health Care, and Fleur Di Lis Bracelet

Last we have a wonderful vanilla mint lip balm and let me tell you I can never have too many lip balms, a pretty Fleur Di Lis bracelet, and the regular items of Advil and stall mates which you will get every month.
I absolutely love getting Bonjour Jolie every month. It is so convenient to get the necessary items shipped right to my door, and the price is amazing when you consider everything you get! From soothing bath and body item, to soothing teas, medicine for craps and muscle aches, yummy treats, and even jewelry! You just can’t beat this box! If you would like to be pampered every month, check them out here.

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