Stitch Fix Review

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This is my third Stitch Fix Review. Please also see my first review and second review. I would like to make a mention that the necklace that I purchased from my first fix, which was not that long ago, is already fading and turning from gold to silver. I do not wear it to sleep, nor in the shower, nor do I get lotions on it so I am a little disappointed at this. 

So real fast, Stitch Fix is a system where you are assigned a personal shopper who selects garnets for you based on your personal profile that you set up on their website. You are mailed these chosen items, you keep all and get a 25% off your total discount, or keep just what you want at no discount. You pay a 20.00 styling fee that goes as a credit toward your purchase. If you purchase nothing, you lose the styling fee payment. 

I have shared more info on how the program works in previous reviews (see links above). 

So this is my October Fix which I have been eagerly waiting for since my last fix in August. 

First we have a super cute tank from THML Priced at 54.00 

Stitch Fix Review
Cute THML Tank

Love the color of this tank as well as the print and detail. Am I keeping it? Nope. It is 54 degrees here on a warm day in Kansas! Yes I did have this on my pintrest board for my stylist but a tank was the furthest thing from my mind right now. Plus, I really just do not wear tanks often even in the summer. So for me, this is a no even though it is super cute. 
So up next is a collarless blazer from 41Hawthron Priced at 88.00
Stitch Fix Review
41Hawthorn Blazer No Collar
And here are photos of the detail on the blazer…
Stitch Fix Review
41Hawthorn Blazer Details
So is this a keeper? No again. For the record I did ask for a jacket, or blazer, but I also wanted an edgy look this month and this is the extreme opposite. This is more business wear or fundraiser wear to me. Plus, I am not a tiny girl, and this personally makes me feel even more boxy. 
Then we have a cute color block sweater from 41Hawthorn Priced at 58.00
Stitch Fix Review
41Hawthorn Colorblock Sweater
Cute, but way too large. It goes back. Sad face. 
Then we have a Street Level vegan cross body bag in maroon. Priced at 48.00
Stitch Fix Review
Street Level Crossbody
Of all the colors I could have been sent I get a color that I have too much of in my bag collection already. Otherwise cute style, almost want to keep it but I mean sigh I just wish it were any other color. 
Lastly we have these: 
Stitch Fix Review
Bay To Baubles Carved Hoop Earrings
I like them although honestly I hate hoop earrings. They are not gold, as I asked for, but they did in fact match the necklace I styled the items with perfectly! The fact is while I desperately need gold drop earrings I can also use a pair like this in the tarnished or vintage gold look. I just wish they were not hoops! When I went to take them out, I could barely get them out! There was no where to lift the prong from so I had to get my fingernail up under my fat earlobe to unlatch the suckers! I was so going to keep this to offset my styling fee, and I may still but I just hate the way they latch and the difficulty of unlatching them. 
Here is my total bill –  if I buy it all I get the entire collection for 192.00
Stitch Fix Review
My Stitchfix Cost
If not I get 20.00 off what I do keep.
If I keep nothing I lose 20.00
I don’t know what to do honestly. 
I guess I will either keep the bag for 28.00
or the hoop earrings for 8.00
I just am not thrilled with either but on one hand any quality bag for 28.00 is a great deal! 
The earrings are totally worth 8.00 but if I have trouble getting them off each time to the point of almost ripping off an earlobe what is the point as I won’t wear them anyway. 
Ugg help me ladies, what would you do? 
Maybe I will try on the jacket with the tank – I bet that would look cute. To be honest I feel as if this fix is going to cause me to need therapy as her I sit agonizing over this in a blog post that is meant to help you all and show you great style tips! 
Okay so I tried on the jacket with tank and it was very cute but I now realize the jacket is just too tight and pulls around the button, and the sleeves are also a tad too long. I generally need petite sizes due to my short stature. 
Stitch Fix Review
Looks Cute with the Tank! 
Anyway the look was far better but then, something came over my daughter and me at the exact same time, and so we decided to do something a little fun! 
Stitch Fix Review
And then there is this! 

 Yup that is a little “edgier”, perhaps comical even, but hey after a disappointing fix, what are ya gonna do? It’s not truly reversible of course. Honestly, my daughter and I both liked it better this way! 

Anyway so this fix was not eventful for me. I still am not sure what I will keep to offset my 20.00 styling fee. Feel free to give me your thoughts in comments, I am all ears! 

Here is the link to Stitch Fix again. 

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