Socialbliss Style Box October Review

It’s time for another Socialbliss Style Box Review! Socialbliss Style Box is another monthly subscription service but it is a little more “high end”. In each box you will receive something pretty spectacular! Usually a bag, or clutch, or scarf, and sometimes more than one of those! In addition to that you will get other goodies, generally full sized items!

This month Socialbliss Style Box Subscribers got a watch, a scarf, a convertable clutch, matte nail polish, and a notebook.

Socialbliss Style Box October Review at Fashion Beyond Forty
Opening The Box!

The Socialbliss Style Box always comes packaged nicely with deep red tissue paper and a complete list of what is in the box.
Socialbliss Style Box October Review at Fashion Beyond Forty
The Goods! 
Socialbliss Style Box October Review at Fashion Beyond Forty
The List of What’s In The Box

I feel about the same with this month’s box as I did last month’s which you can read about here. Actually I like it a little more than last month’s because everything actually worked for me, and they didn’t send black mascara as an item! Now I will say I am going to be using the black convertible clutch in a giveaway because I already have three black clutches even though they are not necessarily as nice as this one, I just do not need another and I won’t give away a used clutch so I will use this in a giveaway. 

The scarf is lovely and I will absolutely use that! The nail lacquer, which I have not tried it yet, I hear that it is a very nice item and will make any nail polish have a matte finish, which sounds cool. The watch is very pretty but I gifted it to my daughter who really loved it. As for the notebook, I may keep this in my tote for taking notes, but it is so cool that I hate to just use it for something so simplistic. Ah it just came to me, since it is a fashion related notebook I will use it to jot down blog ideas when I am not at my computer! This will find its home on my nightstand next to my bed because that is usually when my best ideas come to me, as I am trying to fall asleep. 

The total retail value of this box is 115.50 which is a great value! When you consider you can get a three month subscription for around 140.00 this value is looking even better! 

Overall a good month. What do you like most in this box? Are you interested in subscribing for yourself? If so visit Socialbliss Style Box today!

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