My Second Liebster Award Nomination

I have been nominated for another Liebster Award! 
A huge thank you to Dena Arevalo (Ms Beauty Junkie) who has a wonderful blog, No Hot Mess. Please check it out! 

So what is the Liebster Award? 

It’s a great way to get blogs with under 200 followers more recognition.

In case you are unsure, here is what you do:
* You must write 11 facts about yourself.
* You must link back the person who tagged you. 
* You must come up with ten other questions on your own.
* You must tag 11 other bloggers with under 200 followers.
* You must let me know when you answer the questions.
* Enjoy and have fun!

My 11 Facts

I am a spiritual advisor in addition to a beauty and fashion blogger
I used to ride and train horses
My favorite show on television is The Blacklist
I used to be a travel agent
If I had unlimited learning ability and talent I would be a linguist
I love botanical / natural medicine but appreciate and respect science and modern medicine. 
I enjoy natural perfumery and blend my own essential oil perfumes
I am a sauce fanatic, I love marinades, sauces, dips, dressings, etc.
I am horrible at math
I have written and published a book years ago. 
I am terrible at coming up with facts about myself. 🙂

Here are my answers to Dena’s Questions:

1. What is your favorite magazine?
A: Women’s Health although I admit I do not read it as often as I should. 
2. Who inspires you to be a better person?
A: My husband, son, and daughter. 
3. What is your favorite season?
A: Autumn all the way! Sweaters, boots, scarves, coats, love this season! 
4. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
A: Oh such a tough question, perhaps Oregon, Seattle, Costa Rica, Greece, Italy, so hard to choose! 
6. What is your dream job?
A: Whatever I am doing in the moment! I have worked from home for the last eleven years so I could not imagine going back out in the regular work force, but I do love using my skills and creative talents to work from home! 
7. Cat or Dog person?
A: I have both lol three dogs and five cats! I won’t take in anymore but I used to take in strays and rescue pets. 
8. Favorite beauty/fashion item you can’t live without?
A: Again, tough question, there are so many, but I would have to say my Fiber 3D Lashes, They’re Real Mascara, and Benefit Full On Lipstick.
9. Favorite Quote?
A: Actually this is form the television show Sleepy Hollow – “Trust is the only currency of any value.” 
10. What is your morning beauty ritual?
A: Since I work from home, I usually take my time, the first thing I have to do is have my coffee while I check my email which I attest to part of my morning ritual as it saves me from stress, which is a big time ager! Then I wash, tone, moisturize, use neck cream, eye gel, and eventually put on my make up and sometimes do my hair. 
11. What are your 5 favorite beauty products?
1. Madison Reed Shampoo and Conditioner – the best there is!
2. Alterna Caviar CC Cream for hair. 
3. Madison Reed Color Kit
4. Buxom Lip Color
5. They’re Real Mascara

My nominees:

Brooke Miano of Mudpipes and Glitter 

Brandi Hayden of EasterBabe’s Theory
Christine Mathisen of Christine’s Reviews and Thoughts
Paige and Katrina of Top Notch Material
Roberta of Roberta’s World
Kate of Busy Bee Kate
Amanda Young of The Sassy Pants Blog
Krystle of Baking Beauty
Amber B of Always Blabbing

My nominees are to please answer these 11 questions:

1. What do you love blogging about and why?
2. What are your most challenging blog posts and why?
3. If you could be “the best” at any one thing in life what would it be?
4. What do you do to relieve stress?
5. If you could tip your blog readers off to anything from the perspective of a blogger, what would it be?
6. If you had the ability to gift every one of your blog readers one item what would you gift them?
7. Is blogging always on your mind or are you able to “shut it out” so you can focus on other things?
8. Do you ever fall asleep thinking about your next blog post or organizing your blog in your head?
9. What one tip would you give yourself “as a new blogger” if you could go back and start from the beginning?
10. Do you like cheese?
11. What one personality trait do you feel adds to you as a blogger and to your blog post style?

I love comments! Please join in discussion, ask questions, or leave tips for other readers. Comments truly are the driving force behind any blog as it helps the blogger to know what you, the reader want to see more of!

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