Happiness Is … World Series

Now I am not going to claim to be the world’s biggest baseball fan, but I did grow up listening to baseball on either the television or radio as a child. My grandfather was a big fan of baseball, specifically the Kansas City Royals! I remember him talking about Freddie Patek often, who was clearly my grandfather’s favorite player. My grandfather also taught me how to play softball, and how to pitch. So for me the Kansas City Royals, and baseball have always been something I seek for comfort. 

Since I was so young back in those days, I often would fall asleep to the sounds of the game. To this day, watching baseball soothes me, and even makes me sleepy! 

Happiness Is ... World Series
Go Royals! 

So of course, some of you may be aware that the KC Royals are in the World Series! Our family has been watching the games together, which is another happy thing, because doing anything together with the family is nice, but in addition it brings back memories of my own childhood that are pleasant. 

In addition, so far the Royals are doing great in the World Series! I hope I don’t lose too many readers who are Giant’s Fans but hey congrats to both teams for making it to the World Series! 

I wish my grandfather were here to see this but he did get to see at least one Royal’s World Series while he was with us. 

So today, for me, Happiness Is … The World Series and the Kansas City Royals! 

What makes you happy today? Spread some of your own cheer by telling us about it below in the comments.

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